Squaw Valley Moves Forward Amid Isolated Water Issue

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One of the many water supplies affected was that of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which happened despite a continued dedication to improving the water supply that included an upgrade that was only completed during the previous summer.

Squaw Valley released a statement to explain both the situation they have in terms of the water contamination issue on squawalpine.com and how they have handled the discovery of traces of E. Coli and Coliform in the supplies for areas of the Upper Mountain; the statement revealed the water supply from the four contaminated wells were cut off immediately and no health issues have been reported due to the contamination of the water system. All the actions taken by officials with Squaw Valley have the safety of guests and employees at their core and have included the closure of all restaurants in the Gold Coast and High Camp areas of the resort to ensure guests avoid any issues.

Alongside the closure of the restaurants in the Upper Mountain area of the slopes Squaw Valley Public Relations director Liesl Kenney has revealed all guests using the upper slopes of the resort have access to free bottled water during their visit. Officials from Placer County Environmental health Department were immediately called in to assist with the contamination issues at Squaw Valley, and have been working with the independent water experts Squaw Valley employ to keep guests healthy at all times. As no health issues have been reported and Placer County officials have already declared three wells serving Squaw Valley free of E. Coli and as having lower levels of the Coliform bacteria the reaction of the resort staff is being seen as successful; the owners of Squaw Valley have revealed they will continue to work on the water supply issues until they are solved and guests can enjoy the full range of services offered at this historic resort. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squaw_Valley_Ski_Resor

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The Successful Transition of Brian Bonar to the World of Finance

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The high amount of young adults graduating from the universities each year can mean that the unemployment rate may go up as well, specifically, if they try to search for a job in the similar field that they studied for years. This problem did not seem to affect Brian Bonar when he was still a fresh graduate, however, for he was able to settle in the engineering and then the entrepreneurial world fine.

Educational Training

Quite different from the CEOs that often get featured in glossy pages of magazines or television program, Bonar never trained scholastically for a career in business. As a matter of fact, Brian is an alumnus of James Watt Technology College in which he attained a Bachelor’s in Technical Engineering. The Master’s degree that he received from Stafford University, on the other hand, focused on Mechanical Engineering.

Work Background

Brian’s extensive knowledge regarding the field of engineering enabled him to obtain employment in various technological corporations within the country. In particular, Bonar served IBM as a procurement manager for over two decades, QMS as the Engineering Director by 1985, Rastek Corporation as the Sales and Marketing President come 1989, and Adapted as a Sales Manager in 1993. All the job posts he handled in the said companies allowed Brian to understand the skills of other professionals and widen his knowledge about the world of business.

His improved management capabilities gave him the will to launch Bezier Systems, a production company that manufactured printers they equipped with the SCSI program. Though the enterprise did not earn him great returns, Brian Bonar got to find new positions in diverse IT companies once more. After a few years, the incredible ethics and dedication he illustrated paid off, and he is now the head of Trucept, Incorporated and Dalrada Financial Services.

Business Specialty

Despite the fact that he only knew engineering in the earlier part of his life, Bonar later developed an unyielding interest in Sales and Marketing. The natural and highly advanced talent he had for building creative things during his collegiate days also gave Brian a chance to picture out a great entrepreneurial structure, as well as construct new ones that could bring further success to the companies. Because of such a pronounced intelligence in both business management and engineering, Brian Bonar become one the best (if not the best) when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

Current Leadership Roles

Brian is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept, Incorporated. Whereas the former is firm that offers affordable medical insurance and various economic solutions to different enterprises in the United States, the latter provides human resources and other management requirements of small and medium-sized firms.

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Doe Deere – Founder of Lime Crime

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Born in Russia but raised in New York City, Doe Deere launched her cosmetics company, Lime Crime, in 2008 with the goal to create unique makeup that is so colorful, it’s almost a crime! With her unyielding conviction to always be true to herself, she’s passionate about helping others express themselves through unique, vibrant makeup, all of which is vegan and cruelty-free.


Her company, based in LA, now has an international following, and is a pioneer of eCommerce cosmetics. But how did she get here? After working at several jobs that didn’t fit her, she decided to make an eBay account called limecrime. She sold her own DIY fashion line and modeled it all herself. Vivid makeup became her trademark and she decided to start her own brand, motivated by both inspiration and necessity–bold, striking colors were hard to come by, so she was determined to offer them herself.


Today Doe Deere holds the position of CEO, and is so hands-on, she refuses to launch any product unless she has personally tried it herself! Always ready for inspiration to hit, she works closely with her creative staff to swiftly deliver her vision into a finished product. As a testament to her commitment, she makes sure to have meetings with her key staff daily, such as Lime Crime’s president, who is also her husband. She believes in supporting and inspiring her staff with respect, instead of being a harsh leader.


Beyond all of her impressive success as an entrepreneur, Doe also mentors other aspiring entrepreneurial women. She inspires people to find their own voice and follow their passion, and has spoken at events like PHAMExpo and VEGAS Nay’s Stardust Tour. One piece of advice she stresses the most is listen to your heart.


Doe Deere also loves animals and feels strongly about treating them with love and respect. She even regularly donates to Bide-A-Wee, a no-kill animal rescue shelter, situated in New York, that rehabilitates and and finds loving homes for rescued cats and dogs. She has 3 cats of her own, 2 of which are rescued.


So there’s a lot to be said about Doe Deere. But what stands out is she started a cosmetic company with the philosophy makeup doesn’t just conceal flaws, but is a form of freedom and self-expression. A company that offers unique, colorful makeup that is animal-friendly. And she always stays true to both herself and her customers.



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What you should know about Brian Bonar

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Brian Bonar is an eminent investor who is established in sunny San Diego, California. He is not exclusively an investment professional. He is also an occupied finance aficionado who loves to share his immense knowledge concerning the topic.

Brian Bonar has worked as a manager in many companies, and one of them includes Dalrada Financial. Dalrada Financial is based in San Diego and concentrates on providing clients with business process source, profit, policy and fiscal services and products.

Educational background

His proficient experience can comprehend Brian Bonar’s Part of the success; he cognises how to set up a business structure that functions. Bonar went to James Watt Technical College from the year 1963 to 1969. He concentrated on mechanical engineering when he was there.

Additionally, Brian attended Stafford University between 1973 and 1985. He focused on the same field when he was in that institution. He got hold of his master’s degree from the University of Stafford.

Business history and his success

Brian Bonar was working for IBM as a procurement director and then became the manager of Engineering for QMS where he managed more than 100 people. He proceeded to work as Adaptec’s Sales Manager.

When he acquired some experience, Brian began his company, which is referred to as Bezier Systems. He later worked for a few other institutions before obtaining additional significant accomplishments with Dalrada Financial Services.

Brian Bonar possesses specialities and unique approach. He has a very creative mind, and that enables him to stand out from his other colleagues. Boner merges his technical mastermind with his architectural power. For the reason that Brian is such a business and finance leader does not mean that he is all work and no play.

He is also a family man that loves golfing and passing the time with his loved ones. Moreover, Brian Boner likes boating trips. Today, you can find Brian at Trucept Incorporated where he is currently working as the President. Trucept is all about providing solutions to the companies

For instance, if your enterprise requires help when it comes to the pay sheet, Trucept can assist in the management of the payroll. Also, Trucept can help in the management of a company. Therefore, the business can just concentrate on its business and allow Trucept be in charge of everything else.


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Overview of Technology and Fashion Trends of the Future

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The fashion and technological industries have seen a lot of things in the many years they have been in existence. The remaining part is to see the two industries growing together, as it could spell a brighter future for both. Back in the day, in the 1970s to be precise, the boom box was the in thing and users used to carry their favorite stations and tunes whenever they went. In the 80s, it was added to movie lines further adding their popularity. The 90s saw further advancement in music experience with the Walkman invention. A decade later and the iPod replaced it. This is a perfect illustration on how technology grows in popularity especially on what is considered fashionable.


Synthesis of Fashion and Technology


This has seen a high standard of functionality and innovation. Anouk Wipprecht, a fashion designer of Dutch origin, specializes in marrying fashion and technology. She states that technology is a field of experimentation and diving deeper into it results with a lot of possibilities. Her avant-garde designs are well known as she has designed a self-painting dress (Pseudomorphs) and drink-making dress (DareDroid).


Looking at the Future


Fashion advancements have come with means of protecting people like the cyclists’ airbag created by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt. The airbag pops out from the neckwear to protect the head in cxase of an accident. Designers are also recycling materials to come up with great fashions. SegraSegra used inner tubes from bicycle wheels to make t-shirts and jackets. Fashion and technology ought to grow together as that will dictate their future.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch can be referred to as a serial entrepreneur and investor in a range of industries and business backgrounds including real estate, fashion and technology. According to Architectural Digest, Chris Burch started off his career at Itchica College as an undergrad together with his brother Bob. They started Eagles Eye apparel which they manage to grow up to $165 million before they sold it off.


Burch (http://christopherburch.com/) is currently the principal at Burch Creative Capital. It boasts of several exciting brand portfolios like Coccon9, Poppin, Nihiwatu and ED by Ellen DeGeneres. The company has an investment philosophy that expresses Burch’s entrepreneurial vision and values for fresh market opportunities for applying creativity, imagination, support, scale and incubation. This often leads to disruptive businesses and brands that have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of consumers.

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