Hussain Sajwani: An Inspiring Example of Entrepreneurship

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Hussain Sajwani is a highly accomplished entrepreneur from Dubai. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and has founded several influential companies throughout his lifetime. His food service company even earned him recognition from the United States’ Army during Operation Desert Storm. Hussain Sajwani has over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience, a net worth of approximately 3.3 billion dollars and is recognized as one of the 100 most globally influential Arabs.


Throughout the 1990s, a large influx of people came to Dubai. Hussain Sajwani recognized that there was a strong need for housing for these people, and he began to build hotels in response. Eventually, in 2002, he founded DAMAC properties so as to further fulfill this need. After founding the company, he sold his first residential building in under six months. DAMAC properties primarily focuses on luxury residences and extravagant commercial properties. For example, Hussain Sajwani collaborated with Donald Trump to build the Trump International Golf Course, designed by Tiger Woods, in Dubai. In addition to building glamorous properties, DAMAC also invests in other real estate projects.


Since its founding, DAMAC has grown to employ approximately 2,000 people and is a publicly-listed company. The company operates in over twenty countries and is the largest property developer in the Middle East. They have delivered over 16,800 homes and have an additional 44,000 units in various states of progress and development. The company branched out in 2011 and founded DAMAC Maison, which is a division that provides hospitality services to the patrons, guests and residents of DAMAC properties. This expansion led to DAMAC becoming one of the largest operators and developers of hotel apartments.


In addition to founding DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani has also sat on other boards for organizations such as JUNO Online and the Majan University College. Additionally, he has participated in various philanthropic projects and efforts. For example, in 2013 Hussain Sajwani donated AED 2 million to the Emirates Red Crescent. His donation helped to provide clothing to over 50,000 children in need.

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George Soros and other wealthy Liberals Convene a Meeting in Washington

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Donald Trump’s victory in the recently concluded elections in the United States was highly unexpected. In fact, the results shocked many people around the world, especially billionaires who had spent considerable money on donations to support Trump’s opponent on, Hillary Clinton and other Democratic Party flag bearers. Since the announcement of the shocking results, wealthy liberals the likes of George Soros have been making endeavors to formulate plans on how to retaliate against Trump’s victory on The three-day meeting in Washington is one of the most recent efforts by such individuals.

The gathering was hosted at one of Washington’s lavish hotels, Mandarin Oriental hotel on Politico. Prominent names of leaders of liberal groups and favorites of the left including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and Keith Ellison were expected to grace the meeting with their presence.

If the agenda of the gathering is anything to go by, then liberals must be planning to wage war on the Trump administration. Some of the sessions are meant to focus on both 2017 and 2018 elections while the others are aimed at frustrating Trump’s 100-day plan.

The president of the Democracy Alliance, Gara LaMarche, cited that reassessment of what had happened during the election ought to take place without playing the blame game. More importantly, he reiterated that the process should not be rushed, especially when the group was preparing to fight against the Trump administration on Snopes.

Soros is one of the individuals who took part in the inception of the DA after the 2004 elections. George Soros spent about $25 million in an effort to back Clinton and other Democratic candidates. During the preliminaries, George Soros had indicated that both Ted Cruz and Trump were working for ISIS. Furthermore, his appearance as a speaker for the meeting shows his commitment to opposing Donald Trump.

George Soros

George Soros holds a reputation for being one of the most vocal and outspoken billionaires in the world. He freely shares his opinion in either speech or writing. Some of the topics that he has recently been involved with include politics, finance and the migrant situation in Europe. As a former Hungarian national, George Soros escaped the Nazi occupation by fleeing the communist occupied Hungary to seek refuge in England. In England, Soros managed to join the renowned London School of Economics where he was significantly influenced by the philosophies of Karl Popper. He graduated with a bachelor of science degree in philosophy and a master’s of science in philosophy in 1951 and 1954 respectively.

Aside from being the chairperson of the Soros Fund Management LLC, he holds a reputation for being one of the most accomplished financiers in the world. In fact, his views regarding economic and investing matters have a large following. Soros has also made a name for himself in the philanthropy books. His philanthropic activities began back in 1979 when he financed black students to attain education at the Cape Town University, which is situated in South Africa. Through his Open Society Foundation, Soros has been championing for values of transparency, open society and human rights.

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Forming A Good Presentation With Marc Sparks

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The multiply successful entrepreneur Marc Sparks recognizes that having a good idea is only half of the battle. The ability to provide a good product or service is only half of what it takes to develop a good business. The other half is what many entrepreneurs struggle with.

They have to be able to convince others that their product is as good as it really is. . Fortunately, Marc Sparks has offered a bit of advice about how to develop an efficient presentation.

Keep Their Attention-Span In Mind

People want instant gratification. If they turn on a how-to video on YouTube and the speaker spends five minutes introducing the topic before getting into any actual content, they will be likely to turn the video off or fast-forward it because they are getting bored.

While this might be an issue to deal with in itself, it is not something that can be addressed during the entrepreneur’s presentation about her product or service. Instead, she should work within the boundaries of their attention span. Brevity never hurt anyone. Further, Sparks advised using a few different speakers. An audience is likely to be overwhelmed by four 5 minute speakers than one 20 minute speaker.

Speak With Passion

If the speaker is boring herself, the audience will inevitably become bored. They do not want to hear somebody speaking in a monotonous tone or reading from a manuscript.

They want to read somebody who is passionate about the topic at hand. Whether that topic is a product or a company, people like passion. They begin to think that it is something they could invest themselves in.

For the speaker to capture that emotion, she should begin to reflect upon why she got into the industry in the first place. Often, speaking with passion will come with a personal story. People want to hear about how some piece of data has applied to her life.

If they do not hear that, then what the speaker is essentially doing is teaching a class in statistics, mathematics, economics, or something that the audience simply does not care about. By relaying passion and the reasons for her passion to the audience, she is conveying why the subject matters and why they should care about it.

All of this is to say that the speakers should have conviction about the topic. If they do not have conviction, then the audience will not have conviction. According to GoodReads, these speaking tactics are largely what brought Marc Sparks into success.

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Mike Baur: The Face of Swiss Entrepreneurship and Achievements

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Mike Baur is one the leading Swiss entrepreneurs and businessmen from Switzerland. He is also considered as one of forerunners of entrepreneurship in the country with numerous and successful startups in his portfolio. Prior to his entrepreneurship ventures, he was a successful banking executive who played key vital roles in different positions in the competitive investment and finance sector. Along with his intuitive insights and professional expertise, he is now helping the youth in kick-starting their business ideas. Right now, he is serving as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Swiss Startup Factory which is considered as the top ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. He is also the Co-Founder and Director of the Swiss Startup Association as well. However, among the young entrepreneurs, he is known as the top entrepreneurship guru and a true mentor.

Mike has more than 20 years of extensive experiences in different banks where assumed different key positions before he began his entrepreneurship journey and started investing in startup businesses. He attended University of Applied Sciences Bern to obtain his B.A.Sc. degree on Banking and Finance in 2000.

Mike started his career in UBS Wealth Management and he worked there for 17 years in different positions till 2008. In 2008, Mike joined Clariden Leu where he worked as Head of Private Banking for around 4 years. Later on, he joined Sallfort Privatbank AG as Head of Private Banking and served there till 2014. Afterwards, Mike decided to embark on an entrepreneurship route and founded Baur IS where he is still serving as CEO. In the same year, he established Think Reloaded which was his second venture. His saga of entrepreneurship kept on booming with his next initiative, Swiss Start-up Factory, an independent and private startup accelerator platform. Through this platform, he has helped a number of technology related startups to kick start their ideas and turn into a profitable business. But his saga doesn’t end here at all. In 2015, Mike co-founded the Swiss Startup Association where he is serving as a Director and trying to develop a sustainable eco-system for Swiss Startups. He is also engaged with Swiss Startup Invest, a financing platform for Swiss high-tech start-up companies as Deputy Managing Director since 2016.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, Mike has a keen interest to motivate and mentor young entrepreneurs with a focus on technology. Hence, he is pro-actively supporting a number of tech startups developed by youths in the country through Swiss Startup Factory. He also served as a jury member in a startup pitching contest at the University of St Gallen called “START Summiteer” to find out and guide the young entrepreneurs. According to Mike, Swiss youth has an immense entrepreneurship potential in them and they need proper guidance and support for this. This is why; Mike has dedicated himself to develop and boost the entrepreneurship sector in Switzerland.


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Investment Advice Through Portfolio Management

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Imagine you are an investor and looking to cashing in big money. Apart from it being a fun, exciting venture, it is also risky. That is why as an investor, you need experts to look up to and follow in regards to where you are putting your money. That is the importance of Timothy Armour.

Tim Armour serves as the head and cheerleader of Capital Group as well as the Principal Executive Officer. Tim Armour is also the Chairman of the company’s affiliates and a portfolio manager for equity firms. With his 33 years experience in the field of investment, Tim has continuously offered investment advice to entrepreneurs and businesses across the world. His prominence roots from his vast experience in global communications as well as United States firms. Tim Armour’s career commenced at Capital with his active participation in Associates Program. He is a holder of a degree in Economics having attended Middlebury College.

Capital Group Objectives

Capital Group decisions making process capitalizes on long-term solutions. The team believes in tailoring their goals to the demands of the clients. To Capital Group achieving high-end results is key in addition to getting long term rewards. The company rewards hard working managers hence the motivation to achieve excellent results irrespective of the assets they have been allocated to control.

Communally, Capital Group works closely with its associates in investing in the company and its clients. Capital’s philosophical investment focuses on pleasing the customers. The reimbursement of the investment professionals depends on the investment results over one to eight years. To promote long-term investment strategies, Capital Group considers maximum concentration on every successive measurement. The interests of Capital Group are considerably intertwined with the demands of clients hence their success and reputation.

September Market Sell-Off

Over the past years, specifically in 2015, the world registered deviating economic growth, especially in China. A deviating fall in Chinese stocks included currency devaluation hence a depiction of deteriorating economies and global trading partners in Japan and Europe. With China cutting down its interest rates while easing bank requirements stimulate the economy, Tim Armour as an investment portfolio manager explained that the United States market is rising across the world since they are more upheld compared to other economies. With stretched valuations in most firms and sectors, the market correction came in as expected because the correction is healthy for the most market in the world. Besides, the correction clears expenses.

Click here to learn more about Tim Armour.



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The Success of Doe Deere

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Doe Deere is a prominent businesswoman who is most noted for her accomplishment as the owner as well as the founder of Lime Crime, a new makeup brand that has been turning heads and has been changing the way that both men and women wear makeup around the world. Doe Deere is truly and inspiring individual and works hard to build her business and to make sure that every single client of her company is happy and receives the exact product that they desire. As a businesswoman, Doe Deere made the decision to make sure that her company is an internet-based company in order to rely heavily on customer input.


Lime Crime is a company that was founded in 2008 as a side business to a clothing company that Doe Deere also created. Doe Deere is noted for her presence on many social media sites such as on Instagram where she has demonstrated her talent with both clothes and makeup through the many images that are posted on a weekly basis. The goal of Doe Deere is to promote a positive attitude by promoting a new way of wearing makeup that is bold and bright that encourages confidence at any time of the day.


The name of Lime Crime is a name that reflects the company of Doe Deere. Lime Crime is not only a name that stands out to customers that are looking for a great makeup product, but is also a name that reflects the favorite color of Doe Deere to use on her customers. In a recent interview with Galore magazine, an internet-based magazine, Doe Deere stated that she often feels as though her business is not a business. Doe Deere often realizes that she still has a job due to the pure fact that she is having too much fun running her business.


During this interview with Galore magazine, Doe Deere reflected on her past as well as her future plans for the business. Doe Deere stated that she has always been a creative individual and hopes that her talent within the makeup industry will continue to help grow her company. For future plans with Lime Crime, Doe Deere hopes to one day own a brick and mortar shop where she can not only become a part of a community, but can also offer consultation to both men and women in need of advice of what to wear.

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Christanna Bevin: Well-rounded Professional

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Christanna Bevin is a renowned project and service manager. She holds a Master’s degree from Australian Institute of Business attained in 2015. Christianna has worked in project control and procurement in construction and human resource sectors. She is a competent professional with vast experience in the industry. Due to her diligence in the industry, Christanna has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Christanna has worked in different countries for many years. From July to December of 2003, she was a site administrator for Stock. In January 2004, she joined UGL Limited as a Contract Administrator. Her good work led to a promotion to become the cost engineer. Her tasks included caring for pipe racks and power generation. She became the project manager, and her duties included commissioning contracts and implementation of the Alcoa PEU. Later, she worked as senior project control specialist for Kellogg Brown and Root.

She joined Parsons Brinckerhoff, to work as senior projects control manager in July 2005. She became a consulting and commercial specialist where her work involved assessing existing contracts, tracking costs, designing and upgrading the Olympic Dam Site.

Christanna joined Chelopech Mining EAD as a project control manager in August 2007. Her responsibilities included; control of projects and commercial management; and in management and training of the local workers. She also analyzed and supported the development of the EPCM definitive feasibility study.

In January 2010, Christanna joined Oakajee Port and Rail as a senior project controls manager. She was involved in development and management of efficient control systems and budget development. She became project services manager at Universal Energy Services in May 2011. She was involved in providing consultation services to customers in power generation industries. In May 2014, Christanna joined Phu Bia Mining as a projects services and projects control manager.

Since 2015, Christanna has been undertaking different international projects. She is energetic and flexible and plans to use her oral and writing skills in the provision of consultancy services in his specialist areas.


7 Benefits of Refinancing Automobiles

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Are you experiencing difficulty repaying your automobile loan? Try automobile refinancing. This is a secured loan used to service the existing loan balance on a current automobile loan where the vehicle acts as collateral securing the new refinanced loan in most cases with a new lender under new favorable terms like slash my payment that offers borrowers loans on flexible terms based on their credit history.


How exactly these terms differ vary according to an individual’s aims and circumstances however let’s look at the benefits that comes with it.


1) Reduced monthly loan installments:


Refinancing an automobile loan often helps reduce your monthly loan installments due to renewed lower interest rate or longer loan term or a combination of both.


2) Lower interest rate:


Refinancing an automobile loan can earn you lower interest rate over your existing loan and you can might find yourself eventually paying less interest in total.


3) Longer loan term:


It gives you the option of lengthening If the loan term thus allowing you more time to repay in the loan in smaller monthly installments.


4) Shorter loan term:


You are offered the option of shortening the life of your loan which may increase your monthly installments, but can reduce the overall payment for the car.


5) Enjoy flexibility and convenience:


Refinancing automobile loan gives you a free hand to choose a lender of your choice that offers options that better match your preferences.


6) A break in your payment cycle:


You may have the option of taking a month or two off from making a monthly vehicle repayment with refinancing.


How To Slash My Payments With A Car Refinance Loan


In conclusion, it is very important to get a refinance loan for you car. It can save you a lot of money in the long run. By refinancing your car loan, you can lower your payment, and it will also decrease the amount of interest that you will have to pay on the loan. If your credit situation has improved during the time you have owned the car, you will also be able to get a lower interest rate and pay less money on interest. A shorter loan term may also be available which will allow you to pay the car off sooner and save money.


Ignition Financial is a reputed loan refinance provider and accepts applications from consumers with a wide range of credit profiles.


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