Mike Baur Announces High Level Advisory Board for Swiss Start up Factory

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Launched in 2014 by Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Mike Baur, the Swiss Start up Factory (SSUF) has gained significant notoriety in Switzerland. The company has proven outcomes of success with taking nontraditional business models and creating lucrative opportunities for incubator companies.


The highly-successful venture has gained the Swiss Start up Factory enormous application receipts within 2016. The company received an astounding 1,600 applications resulting in 50 mentors from their exceptional accelerator batches.


In January 2017, the Swiss Start up Factory announced that it will move forward with an Advisory Board which will result in the recruitment of some very high-profile business individuals. The action is all part of their strategic development plan for the Zurich based company.


The Advisory Board will be comprised of members actively supporting the accelerators with precise and strategic initiatives. They will be specifically focusing on stretching and strengthening the board with additional members for the forthcoming investment opportunities. The role will be to also widen the prospects for key stakeholders to actively engage the board with their support.


Mike Baur released a statement as follows: “We are very pleased that we were able to win these high-profile personalities for our cause. Their commitment confirms that we have done a good job over the past two years. At the same time, we are trusted to be able to play a key role in the startup scene over the next few years not only in Switzerland but also internationally.”


The Swiss Start up Factory operates a three-month start-up accelerator program which provides an array of services such as mentoring, coaching, office space and an entrepreneurial network of business resources for start-ups to reach their goal. The program was specifically designed by Mike and it has been highly instrumental with the company becoming a leading ICT Startup Accelerator within Switzerland.


Mike has remained as an active mentor for the company at all phases of the start-up process. His focus has been to assure that co-founders are executing their presentations in a way that will bring in the investors. Mike believes there needs to be an ongoing market feedback for gauging the success of the start-ups and adapt to changing circumstances. He says that the lack of information can be the most challenging for co-founders, but that his motivation remains in never giving up and being willing to adapt.


Mike has stated,“If you really believe in your product and you’re very fast in the digital world…executing faster than your competitor, than you’ve already won.”


With the implementation of an Advisory Board, the Swiss Start up Factory has positioned itself to pivot to the next level from its already strong two year operational phase.

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Bob Reina Has a Laser Like Focus

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When someone is a CEO or a founder of a company, they have a lot on their plate. However, they know what they signed up for and what is expected of them. Otherwise, they would not have taken the job in the first place, that is for sure.

They know what is expected of them, and they know that people look up to them as a leader. They do not shrink from that. Instead, they rise up to the challenge and they take it head on with a laser like focus that they will not be stopped, no matter what.

That is what Bob Reina has done with Talk Fusion, which is an all-in-one video communications provider. It offers everything that anyone could ever want out of a company. It helps them achieve the life they have dreamed about since they were a little boy or a little girl.

Now, with 30-day free trials, it is time to hop on board with Talk Fusion and really run with it. This is no time to hold back and it is no time to settle for anything less.

Talk Fusion has won many awards for their achievement in talk, data, and voice. The reason is because they are committed to making the best product possible. They know they have people counting on them and they like having that type of responsibility, as mentioned.

It pushes them to do their best and never become settled or satisfied with their company. Growth is the best thing a company can do for itself. Growth is always at the forefront of Talk Fusion, and they do not rest until they are growing and helping out their customers/clients.

That is what they do better than anyone else out there in the voice, data, and chat world. They have state of the art products that are second to none and really stand the test of time.