James Larkin; the Amazing Activist

James Larkin was born in the year 1876 in a city called Liverpool in England. He was born in a family of Irish emigrants. From seven years, Larkin attended school and at the same time worked part time so as to support his parents.

From the year 1893 James developed interest in socialism and became an associate of the Independent Labor Party. Later on, he was among the few foremen who were involved in a strike on the Liverpool harbors. Larkin was nominated to the strike team.

James performance was good since it impressed the National Union of Dock Laborers. The union recruited him to be a temporary organizer. Larkin later got a permanent job at the union and in the year 1906 he went to Scotland. In Scotland, he successfully organized employees in Glasgow and Preston.

In the beginning of 1907, he performed his first job on behalf of the exchange union in Ireland. James took the task when he arrived in Belfast to arrange the city’s harbor employees for the National Union of Docks Laborers.

He accomplished in uniting the workforce, and as workers refused to meet the salary appeal, he called the dockworkers out on strike in June 1907.He achieved in unionizing catholic and Protestants employees.

Larkin convinced the local Royal Irish Constabulary to go on strike at one point but unfortunately the strike ended without accomplishing any important success. His engagement, against union guidelines, in a conflict in Dublin became of his dismissal from National Union of Dock Laborers. The union later summoned him for giving out the union money to fund strikes. After the impeachment he was he was arrested for a year.

After his dismissal from the NUDL, James started the Irish Transport and General Workers Union in the year 1908.The company is still present today. The company is now called the Services Industrial Professional& Technical Union.

It quickly gained the connection of the NUDL outlets in Cork, Waterford, Dublin and Sligo. In the year 1911, James chartered a newspaper called the Irish Worker and Peoples Advocate as a Pro-labour option to the capitalist owned journalists. In collaboration with James Connolly, Larkin formed the Irish Labor Party in the year 1912.

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Securus Technology Aims To Cut Crime Levels Down Inside Prison Walls

Over the span of a week, the personal for Securus Technologies receive various calls and emails asking for their help to put an end to crime levels inside prisons. The crime rate is high for certain prisons who have a high rate of inmate to inmate crimes. The level of contraband in certain prisons is also something that they are asking help with.


Inmates in prison systems are at a high risk of inmate crimes whether its from an inmate attack on another or from members who work for the prison systems. There are certain members of prison systems who do not care about the rules for the inmates and they seek to help them break the rules while incarcerated. It is these individuals who are sneaking the contraband in and who are contributing to the crime levels.


In order to cut out some of the crimes, the prison officials turn to Securus Technologies to come up with ideas and suggestions on how to cut the crime rate down inside the prison. Securus works effortlessly to build products and services which cut down the crime levels however no matter the amount they contribute to, there is still going to be some sort of crimes in prison.


One of the things that Securus has worked so hard to do is to create a device which prohibits cell phones from accessing mobile networks while in the prison. This device helps to keep down the contraband phones that inmate have snuck into the prison.


The other service that they have helped create was the ability to follow phone calls being made inside the prison. They are able to access the recordings of the calls made by the inmate which helped to close case files of crimes that they are being charged with. When an inmate discusses the case and openly admits to a crime, this recording is used to help close the case and allow for a burden of proof to be established.


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Bob Reina: The Future Is Now

A lot of people talk about the future and how much better things are going to be in the future. For many people, they need to say to themselves, “Why wait?” With a company like Talk Fusion out there, they can start changing their lives and having them grow right now. They don’t need to wait another second for any of that to happen. They can start to see growth in their lives and in their happiness levels immediately. It is why Bob Reina created Talk Fusion, and it is why he stands behind it as the CEO and founder. He knows what people are going through and how they are feeling. The reason he knows is because he is a tremendous listener with his pulse on society.


One must remember that this individual is a former police officer. As a former police officer, he saw a lot of things in his time. He saw everything that one could think of, and he knew he wanted to do something positive for people. He did a lot as a police officer and with his work in law enforcement. However, he saw a need to do something more which is why he founded and created Talk Fusion back in 2007, the video communications company that offers the best in video, voice, data, and chat.


It was designed to allow people to create their own business and be their own boss. It is one of the most powerful feelings in the entire world for many people out there. It is something that can’t be bought with money. Money is a great thing when it is used for something positive and something that helps out others. It is why Bob Reina made a million dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He already has a house full of animals and he has also paid the vet bills for many people out there that couldn’t afford it.


Bob Reina is one with the animals, and he sees how they love people unconditionally and they always support their owners and stand by their side. Bob Reina is doing that for both animals and people. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/bob-reina/

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