Shafik Sachedina’s Incredible Service To Ismaili Institutions

Dr. Shafik was born in Tanzania in the year 1950. He is a renowned Dental Surgeon by profession. He attended the University of London, Guy’s Hospital Medical & Dental School from where he graduated in 1975. After his studies, Dr. Sachedina worked in England as a dental Surgeon for many years . It is during this time that Sachedina developed a linking for entrepreneurship especially in the medical sector.

Dr. Sachdina has worked in several institutions especially in the leadership positions. He currently works as the Department head in Jamati Institutions, found at the Secretariat of His Highness, at Aiglemont in France. However, his role in Jamati Institution is voluntary and not a constitutional position. Due to that Jamati Institute can not give new direction to other institutes.

Dr. Sachedina is also the coordinator of programmes and activities in Ismaili community institute in all the 16 institutes. The aim of the institute is to encourage the study of the Muslim culture and bring understanding to the Ismaili community about their history and contemporary society and foster a strong relationship with the other faiths.

Sachedina is also responsible to interface Ismaili Communities Institutes in the central Asia and the Aga Khan Development Network programmes. However, the institutes do not report to Sachedina but rather to the imam.

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Sachedina also serves in the governing body of Ismaili institutions. He also belongs to a Development Network committee of the Aga Khan, as a member. He is also in the membership of Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum. Sachedina is committed to volunteering and even his role in Aga Khan is voluntary. Previously, Sachedina served as a president of United Kingdom’s Ismaili community for two terms on voluntary basis.

Today, Sachedina is a joint chairman of Sussex Health Care found in Sussex region in London, United Kingdoms. Sussex healthcare is a home care that provides support services and care to the elderly people as well as those with neurological conditions such as. have offered their services for the last 25 years while providing customized care services. They received accreditation in 2002 for providing quality services. It also received ISO certification in 2005.

Under Sachedina’s leadership the company has insisted on the need for qualified doctors and nurses whom the facility ensures holds the necessary certificates and licenses. The staffs in Sussex are available to give care services 24 hours a day. Therapies, hand crafts, and many more activities are always available in Sussex’s programme not only to the in-house but also to the surrounding community.

Sachedina’s role in both Ismaili Institutions and Sussex Healthcare have been outstanding.

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