All about Todd Lubar: An Entrepreneurial Legend

The TDL Global Ventures LLC President and Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments, Todd Lubar, is a well renowned businessman and entrepreneur in his field. Todd Lubar has been in the Real Estate industry for an impressive 20 years and more. He has been aiding buyers in attaining their dreams of becoming full-fledged home owners during this time. For several years now, Todd has been recognized and ranked as one of the country’s top 25 mortgage originators. Todd has a passion for serving his community and his wide range of experience in this field allows him to set others up for success. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

With many years in the industry, Todd has worked with many different industries such as the construction, entertainment, and mortgage banking areas. His 20 years wealth of experience in credit space and finance, Todd came to the realization that he wants to aid others to achieve their goals. With this in mind, Todd devised a way of getting rid of the roadblocks that keep loan seekers from getting loans. Therefore, he specifically devised a program and a product for the clients which would in turn, provide them the much desired relief. The struggle to bring the finances available to people birthed TDL Global Ventures LLC. Todd Lubar intentionally starts his day off by watching news so as to keep up with what is going on in the Real Estate industry. This allows for him to prioritize his day accordingly and to also put it into perspective.

In 2003, Todd kept the mortgage banking idea going with the launch of Charter Funding .Charter Funding is a subsidiary of one of the biggest privately owned mortgage companies in America, known as First Magnus Financial Corporation. The company is great and successful and allowed Todd to broaden his real estate business. Due to major changes in the real estate industry back in 2007 and 2008, he ventured into different businesses such as demolition, where he managed to attain large contracts for the country’s biggest contractors. Aside from this, he went ahead to get involved with the recycling Automotive Scrap metal. Consequently, this led into the company being publicly traded.

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