Doe Deere Discusses The Things That Make Lime Crime Successful

Good entrepreneurs don’t just know how to put out a new product that everyone loves; they also know how to bring out their most artistic creativity to do it, and that creativity perfectly describes Doe Deere, the woman behind Lime Crime Inc. Doe Deere both models for her company and is always involved in new marketing campaigns that come out for it, and its main slogan is being certified vegan and cruelty-free. The makeup, lipsticks, gloss, eye shadows and hair dyes all come in different colors from bright red and pink to sky blue and purple, or as Doe Deere would say she embraces the colors of the rainbow so that whether someone is looking to express themselves like a bright fairy tale character, or perhaps in a more darker manner, Lime Crime lets them do so.


Doe Deere had several aspirations growing up from her childhood days in Russia to her late teen and 20s years in the US. She had originally hoped to be both a singer and a fashion designer, and she joined a band upon moving to the US and attending college in New York City. Her band actually did release several albums, but they never quite made it to the fame that they had hoped for. However, Doe Deere did marry a lead guitarist from the band. She pursued fashion school for a while until she realized she had the tools already that she needed to go into business for herself. She would design outfits and then market them on an eBay store account that she had created and she was doing alright with sales, but she realized her fashion needed just a little something more.


Doe Deere then took the next step and started buying different makeup brands, hair liners and dyes, lipsticks and other cosmetics and started doing different colors. The name Lime Crime had already been used on her eBay store, but now her new colorful cosmetic kits gave the name new meaning. Soon she realized her makeup and hair colors could be the business she needed, and by 2008 her former eBay store now had its own website where the cosmetics were sold. She started putting together videos and makeup tutorials, and by 2009 Lime Crime was being talked about by many people. In 2011, Doe Deere moved to Los Angeles and made Lime Crime official.


Like many other millennial-based companies, Lime Crime isn’t run like your typical corporate retailer headquarters. Doe Deere has made it an enjoyable place to bounce ideas off of her team, and the company pays close attention to customer reviews and input from them on Lime Crime’s Facebook page. Customers can also join in sharing their Lime Crime experience by using the Twitter hashtag #LIMECRIME and showing off the products they’ve used. One thing Doe Deere is known well for is a love of animals not only just by creating products that don’t harm them, but also by giving to animal shelters and adoption agencies and encouraging her followers to do the same. Learn more:

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Kate Hudson Turned Fabletics Into The Talk Of The World

The success of anybody in the fashion world is all about giving people something that they believe is going to be trendy and draw a crowd. Those who manage to do this are going to win and those who don’t shouldn’t even be in the business. Kate Hudson understood those principles very well and she now uses them in her efforts for Fabletics. Founded with the specific purpose of giving the world a competitor in the highly selective world of online retail, her creation is growing and has the potential to take on the giants. The key to the success of Fabletics is the same one used by any other successful fashion retailer.


Kate Hudson has focused Fabletics on the power of the crowd in order to get things working. She knows better than anybody else that the key to making it is to get the word of mouth going out and to use this as a way of getting people into the clothes you sell. Her methods seem to be successful and we can see without a doubt that Hudson is onto something. People want more of what she has to offer and Fabletics is expanding in order to help meet that demand.


The most amazing thing about the success of Fabletics is that people are taking this brand and putting it all over social media. They are doing the work for her when they take the clothes that they wear and tell people about the quality that Fabletics delivers. That is well beyond what even the most skilled marketers working for the online giants have in their pocket. It isn’t something you see on a daily basis, but it certainly shows she understands how to win against all odds. Most retailers don’t survive long when their competition can do what these websites have the ability to.


Besides beating their competition Fabletics has also managed to enter the real world with brick and mortar stores to be found all over. You can buy their products at these stores instead of online in order to have a more personal understanding of the objects. The success of physical locations is setting a new precedent for online retail and introducing a way to combat the current trends. This gives hope to physical retail and shows that they do in fact have the ability to challenge the status quo and give us a new way of thinking.


This level of success shows that Fabletics is going to be remember in the future for doing something other companies should try to adopt. We all agree that companies need to find a way to save retail as online commerce threatens to eat it up, but the key for the fashion industry is going to look a lot like what Hudson has done. The power of the crowd to persuade is something to be respected by even the most skeptical of business leaders. You only need to look at her example to see how this happens in real life.

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Sentient AI Shapes The Present & Future Of Personalized Merchandising

Artificial intelligence is expanding at such a rate that many industries could take a turn for the better in the future. From outperforming humans in reading comprehension tests to virtual assistants, the proficiency of AI can’t be ignored. While businesses greatly benefit from the use of Sentient AI, so do consumers.

An example of this would be personalized merchandising. Often times, online shoppers will trust an e-commerce juggernaut such as Amazon. People like to make purchases that specifically cater to their needs or desires. That’s where Sentient AI comes into play. It enables Amazon to provide the user with accurate results based on changing results from a filter. It takes into account the user’s behavior on the site, looks at the time period to determine what’s popular, and uses sales and views for optimal search results.

This takes a lot of the guesswork out for online shoppers to ensure a smooth experience. It can also maximize Amazon’s chances of boosting sales numbers. If a human were to handle the optimization process over Sentient AI, then personalized merchandising wouldn’t have efficient results. The process would be significantly slower and the chances of error increases.

The process won’t be replaced anytime soon. In fact, it is expected to expand to most online retailers. With AI moving at such a rapid pace, many are expecting as much as 90 percent of virtual shopping to be computer automated. This means most online retailers will have AI doing the e-commerce optimization.

It’s easy to see why AI has made an impact in the world of virtual shopping. The process was once plagued by a shortage of humans, who were unable to take in a sizable amount of information in a timely manner. It’s a process that is perfect for AI due to its automatic process.


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One Fashion School Always On The Heels of Success

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This years NYFW show was a big hit in the fashion industry with professionals gathering together to release the latest trends. One of the heavy hitters was the Academy of Art University. The school held its 21st showing on the runway this year.

Located in San Francisco, California the academy is notorious for being on the cutting edge of all things fashion. Originally founded in 1929 the school occupies one of the largest properties in the San Francisco area.

The early years of the Academy of Art University began under a man named Richard S. Stephens who was both a magazine editor and painter. The Academy went through several transitions under the leadership of his son Richard A. Stephens and most recently, his daughter Ella Stephens. Under her leadership the Academy of Art University has been attending the NY Fashion week since 2005.

At the 2017 Skylight Clarkson Square event the Academy of Art University boasted collections from ten recent graduates. Their work consisted of five womenswear and two menswear collections. Simon Ungless, the Executive Director of the School of Fashion has been quoted as saying, “each collection has an individual spirit yet the process has been executed as a collective”.

The academy boasts an incredible diversity and creativity birthed from the diverse backgrounds of each student. Many students come from as far as mainland China while others hail from the coastal towns of Maine.

These substantially different perspectives are clearly woven into a gorgeous tapestry of fashion. Admired by all for its unique, breathtaking and cutting-edge ingenuity the schools creativity knows no bounds.

The Academy of Art University is a fully accredited institution from Western Association of Schools and Colleges in addition to being an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

This year the student body totaled 12,608 students. The academy offers an associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 25 subjects. They also have a strong online program available to students as well.

If you have a passion for fashion and design this is one higher learning institution that truly has it all.

Jose Auriemo Neto Taking the Growth of JHSF Development to Another Level

JHSF Development has been one of the premier real estate development firms in Brazil since 1972. The company has developed many popular shopping malls, residential complexes, commercial airports, hotels and resorts, and incorporations, over the years. The Fasano Hotels and Resorts are established and maintained by JHSF Development as well. The company was founded by Fabio Auriemo and is currently headed by his son Jose Auriemo Neto. Jose Auriemo Neto presently serves as the chairman and CEO of JHSF Development and has played a crucial role in the progress that JHSF Development has made in the past few years, especially in the context of international expansion.

Jose Auriemo Neto believes that to grow consistently in the field of real estate, expansion is essential. The company has projects under development in Uruguay and the United States. Jose Auriemo Neto joined the company in the year of 1993 and made creative contributions to the company’s progress through his vision and entrepreneurial skills, most noted of which is the launch of a parking service firm by the name of Parkbem. Jose Auriemo Neto is also attributed to bringing some of the most well-known international designer brands in Brazil, in particular, Valentino, RED, Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and others. To know more about him click here.

Jose Auriemo Neto is currently focusing heavily on the international projects developed by JHSF Development. It is for this reason; he has moved along with his family to New York recently. It would help Jose Auriemo Neto to oversee some international projects managed by the company, including the luxury residential apartment developed by the company in New York itself. It is one of the most premium and high-value projects that the company has ever produced. Jose Auriemo Neto has decided to give the apartment on rent on completion, which would add to the recurring income of the company for many years to come.

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Tony Petrello Helps With Hurricane Harvey Recovery

You can learn a lot about a person or company in the way they respond to a disaster. That is exactly what happened in twenty seventeen when hurricane Harvey hit. The damaged ravaged Houston area and greater Texas was short on food and supplies. The streets were flooded and homes were damaged beyond repair. That was the moment when you find those rear individuals and companies that care about people and not just the profits they make from them. Several Houston businesses stepped up the Houston Food Bank and H-E-B as well as Tony Petrello with Nabors Industries.

On most days the employees of Nabors Industries, a local drilling company, can be found chilling out at many of the recreational facilities or at a cafe. The company and its employees also participate in many community activities and fundraisers. Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, says this is the way we are at Nabors Industries, giving back to the community. After hurricane Harvey, everyone at the company felt a since of community and compassion and took time to help out. We went where ever we were needed. To show appreciation to the companies workers, they were given paid time off to help.

Tony also matched relief donations contributed by his employees which amounted to over one hundred and seventy dollars before Tony’s contribution. This fund was used to help hands-on relief efforts. Tony’s spirit of philanthropy is not surprising to those on the social charitable circuit. Tony Petrello as CEO of Nabors Industries takes social responsibilities seriously. Houston is Tony’s home and most of his philanthropic efforts are focused there.

For many philanthropy is treated as a hobby as a side effect of wealth and with the cockiness and attitude to go with it, but not Tony. He has committed a substantial amount of donations in the tune of millions of dollars to the Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute. For Tony this cause is a person passion and will do everything he can to help everyone with a neurological disease. To improve the lives of those like his daughter and the wealth to do so, he teamed up with the Texas Children’s Hospital to help fund research into this medical sphere. With the ongoing success of Tony Petrello in business, there will no doubt be more opportunities for his philanthropic ambitions.

Search more about Tony Petrello:

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James Larkin; the Amazing Activist

James Larkin was born in the year 1876 in a city called Liverpool in England. He was born in a family of Irish emigrants. From seven years, Larkin attended school and at the same time worked part time so as to support his parents.

From the year 1893 James developed interest in socialism and became an associate of the Independent Labor Party. Later on, he was among the few foremen who were involved in a strike on the Liverpool harbors. Larkin was nominated to the strike team.

James performance was good since it impressed the National Union of Dock Laborers. The union recruited him to be a temporary organizer. Larkin later got a permanent job at the union and in the year 1906 he went to Scotland. In Scotland, he successfully organized employees in Glasgow and Preston.

In the beginning of 1907, he performed his first job on behalf of the exchange union in Ireland. James took the task when he arrived in Belfast to arrange the city’s harbor employees for the National Union of Docks Laborers.

He accomplished in uniting the workforce, and as workers refused to meet the salary appeal, he called the dockworkers out on strike in June 1907.He achieved in unionizing catholic and Protestants employees.

Larkin convinced the local Royal Irish Constabulary to go on strike at one point but unfortunately the strike ended without accomplishing any important success. His engagement, against union guidelines, in a conflict in Dublin became of his dismissal from National Union of Dock Laborers. The union later summoned him for giving out the union money to fund strikes. After the impeachment he was he was arrested for a year.

After his dismissal from the NUDL, James started the Irish Transport and General Workers Union in the year 1908.The company is still present today. The company is now called the Services Industrial Professional& Technical Union.

It quickly gained the connection of the NUDL outlets in Cork, Waterford, Dublin and Sligo. In the year 1911, James chartered a newspaper called the Irish Worker and Peoples Advocate as a Pro-labour option to the capitalist owned journalists. In collaboration with James Connolly, Larkin formed the Irish Labor Party in the year 1912.

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Securus Technology Aims To Cut Crime Levels Down Inside Prison Walls

Over the span of a week, the personal for Securus Technologies receive various calls and emails asking for their help to put an end to crime levels inside prisons. The crime rate is high for certain prisons who have a high rate of inmate to inmate crimes. The level of contraband in certain prisons is also something that they are asking help with.


Inmates in prison systems are at a high risk of inmate crimes whether its from an inmate attack on another or from members who work for the prison systems. There are certain members of prison systems who do not care about the rules for the inmates and they seek to help them break the rules while incarcerated. It is these individuals who are sneaking the contraband in and who are contributing to the crime levels.


In order to cut out some of the crimes, the prison officials turn to Securus Technologies to come up with ideas and suggestions on how to cut the crime rate down inside the prison. Securus works effortlessly to build products and services which cut down the crime levels however no matter the amount they contribute to, there is still going to be some sort of crimes in prison.


One of the things that Securus has worked so hard to do is to create a device which prohibits cell phones from accessing mobile networks while in the prison. This device helps to keep down the contraband phones that inmate have snuck into the prison.


The other service that they have helped create was the ability to follow phone calls being made inside the prison. They are able to access the recordings of the calls made by the inmate which helped to close case files of crimes that they are being charged with. When an inmate discusses the case and openly admits to a crime, this recording is used to help close the case and allow for a burden of proof to be established.


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Bob Reina: The Future Is Now

A lot of people talk about the future and how much better things are going to be in the future. For many people, they need to say to themselves, “Why wait?” With a company like Talk Fusion out there, they can start changing their lives and having them grow right now. They don’t need to wait another second for any of that to happen. They can start to see growth in their lives and in their happiness levels immediately. It is why Bob Reina created Talk Fusion, and it is why he stands behind it as the CEO and founder. He knows what people are going through and how they are feeling. The reason he knows is because he is a tremendous listener with his pulse on society.


One must remember that this individual is a former police officer. As a former police officer, he saw a lot of things in his time. He saw everything that one could think of, and he knew he wanted to do something positive for people. He did a lot as a police officer and with his work in law enforcement. However, he saw a need to do something more which is why he founded and created Talk Fusion back in 2007, the video communications company that offers the best in video, voice, data, and chat.


It was designed to allow people to create their own business and be their own boss. It is one of the most powerful feelings in the entire world for many people out there. It is something that can’t be bought with money. Money is a great thing when it is used for something positive and something that helps out others. It is why Bob Reina made a million dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He already has a house full of animals and he has also paid the vet bills for many people out there that couldn’t afford it.


Bob Reina is one with the animals, and he sees how they love people unconditionally and they always support their owners and stand by their side. Bob Reina is doing that for both animals and people. Learn more:

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Vijay Eswaran Believes That Students Should Embrace Taking Risk in India

Taking risk is a habit that young business people should develop right away according to Vijay Eswaran. People are used to the conservative idea that they should look to work for someone else. The safe play is to gain work experience before venturing out on their own.

However, the world moves at a fast pace. This affects the types of jobs that are available. Artificial intelligence, robotics and automation will soon take over.

Vijay Eswaran understands the concept of gaining work experience. Yet, he believes it is possible to gain this experience and also create jobs at the same time. First time job seekers should look for opportunities that match the qualifications that they have acquired.

Sometimes a person has to make a decision on whether they want to work for an established corporation or a startup company. The job seeker must do a thorough evaluation of all options in order to make an informed decision. It is important that the chosen work environment matches the employee’s personality according to Vijay. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Startup companies and large firms both have advantages and disadvantages. However, it is important to understand the potential life cycle of a startup company that will eventually grow into a corporate organization.

First-time job seekers will normally have the opportunity to be team leaders with a startup company. If a person comes up with an idea at a startup, they are going to be held accountable for it from beginning to end. There is no delegation because the company is too small. This is one unique aspect of working for a startup company.

Vijay knows that it is essential that the job seeker buys into the vision of the startup company that they decide to work for. It is a fast-paced environment that is always changing because the company is growing at a rapid rate. This is in complete contrast to a large corporate company where things move slower and there is a set operating procedure for everything.

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman from Malaysia. He is currently the executive chairman of QI Group. The company has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Vijay’s father worked for the Ministry of Labour in Malaysia.

His mother was a teacher. He earned a socio-economic degree from the London School of Economics. He would stay in Europe for a while before moving on to obtain an MBA from Southern Illinois University. Around this time Eswaran began to discover multi-level marketing.

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