Boraie Development Develops Cities

Sam Boraie has worked so hard in his career to be successful specifically in the business world. He is the vice president of Boraie Development. This is a company that deals with real estate. The work of Boraie Development is located in New Brunswick and New Jersey. The organization is making ends meet every single day by putting in more effort. At the moment they are working in Newark City and Atlantic City. Their work is so good that famous people such as Shaquille O’Neal have associated with them so that he can build his home in Newark City as well as help many others in the same area. The firm is enticed to associate with the legend of basketball in this project. At also Newark City, the firm projects included; market development, movie cinema and retail growth. These cities have greatly improved in terms of good building due to the work of Boraie Development.

According to Phillypurge, since the organization is also working in Atlantic City, it has the following objectives in the city; they are working on developing a unique historical center in some parts within the city. The rest of the projects at the city is building homes for residents as well as market areas. The company is planning to also build a 250 units storey building which will turn out to e one of their best accomplishments. They are also working on helping the individuals of New Jersey by also working on similar projects. For more details visit Bloomberg.

At the archaeological state center in New Brunswick, Sam Boraie participates as one of the board members. He has helped develop the center. Boraie Development has allowed a movie to be aired in the facility and this view a large number of people, on the other hand, the entrance to watch this movie was free of charge thus creating togetherness. Frozen and Despicable were inclusive of the movies aired at the theatre.

The people who got the chance to watch the movies had a great time as well as socializing. This opportunity was able to improve good communication among the members of the community who were friends and family. The organization keeps changing the lives of so many people, as a result, they are encouraged by their hard work to do more. Omar Boraie is pleased to help the people of New Brunswick. Boraie Development’s work is incredible and is appreciated by so many people.

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Market Analysis Indicates That The Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Will Dominate The American Alternative Snacks Industry

Over the last few years, Americans have warmed up to consumer goods brands that offer natural products with an array of health benefits coupled with an inspiring story behind the brand. Modern entrepreneurs such as Livio Bisterzo understand current consumers and how to appeal to them.

Bisterzo, an Italian businessman who is currently based in Los Angeles, is the founder of Green Park Brands Inc. The company’s products (especially Hippeas, a natural snack made from chickpeas) have resonated well with the local consumers, American investors, as well as international buyers.

Just over a year after Hippeas was launched, investors are streaming in to own a piece of Hippeas. Some of the recent investors include Leonardo DiCaprio and Seth Rodsky (a managing partner for Strand in Los Angeles). The two gentlemen believe that Hippeas is set to become the “next big thing” in America. Bisterzo failed to mention the exact amounts that the two gentlemen channeled to Hippeas, but he says that Green Park Brands has raised only $2.5 million since it was started in 2015. As a business-minded individual, Bisterzo understands the importance of new partners that bring with them liquidity. He plans to allocate the funds from DiCaprio and Rodsky to strengthen the marketing and distribution of Hippeas.

Hippeas are available in over seven flavors in many American stores. Some of the stores that stock Hippeas include Albertsons, Vons, and Starbucks. Hippeas will be available in more retail stores as time progresses. Having lived and done a couple of businesses in London, Livio Bisterzo used his understanding of London to open an office in the UK which is the focal point for the company’s operations in the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, Hippeas are available in the UK.

What does the future hold for Hippeas? According to knowledgeable individuals regarding market analysis such as Norman Deschamps, the market for snacks incorporating chickpeas in their manufacture is beginning to expand rapidly. Over the last year, the market for chickpea based snacks grew by 153%. Green Park Brands has a chance to dominate the American snacks market with its product (Hippeas) because the competition it currently faces is from small companies and not established snacks businesses with the financial power to crash new ventures like Green Park Holdings.

It is Bisterzo’s dream to attain sustainability in production. The company donates some of its funds to Farm Africa, an initiative meant to empower chickpeas farmers in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.

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Samuel Strauch Engages His Expertise On Urban Real Estate

For the last decade-and-a-half, Samuel Strauch has quietly cut his teeth on the Miami real estate market. Even though Strauch has made his mark on the Miami Real Estate market, he realizes that everything begins and ends with the right beginnings. This is why Strauch is proud of where he came from.

Originally, Strauch wanted to go into banking, but after cutting his teeth at Hofstra University and being the recipient of a B.A. from Hofstra University and degrees from Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard here in the states he embarked on a career in real estate. He was briefly in the banking industry but quickly determined that his early interests in real estate in college provided a better match for him. Even though he started as a virtual unknown, he is now a superstar in Miami Real Estate. As a well-respected realtor, he loves sinking his teeth into new projects. He recently revealed a number of urban areas that have the hottest suburban real estate markets, including the following:

1. Dallas, Texas

Dallas has a lot of hospitality, a thriving nightlife, and an immense amount of ranch-style houses. They also have extremely high home prices, with a median offering of over half a million. Luckily, the area has a host of suburban areas where the houses are just as spacious and generally cost about 25% less. Thus, the Dallas area is perfect for commuters.

2. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is known for its country music enthusiasts, but it also has a great suburban area that offers affordable housing. The Williamsburg area in Murfreesboro is particularly appealing to up-and-coming professionals and country music enthusiasts.

3. Austin, Texas

Austin also has a strong suburban area. While many cannot afford the median house price of $494,500 in the middle of Austin they often gravitate to the nearby suburb of Daffan, which offers prospective home buyers a median buying price of $338,000.

All of these areas offer a lot of amenities, and they all benefit from the guidance of a trained real estate professional such as Samuel Strauch. He has realized that the only way to garner as much respect as he has is to simply pay his dues day in and day out, and year in and year out. He even realizes just how skittish real estate investors are right now when it comes to Miami real estate, but he knows the track record of his hometown and recently assured them the area is going to make a comeback.

Visit for more information about Samuel Strauch.

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Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian Banking

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The world of banking can be tricky for those who don’t know what happens in this industry. In fact, no one could amass a great amount of wealth if they are not willing to capacitate their state income for better business value. In fact, you can achieve much if you are in the arena to seeking fast income solutions as a value manager.

The Brazilian banking industry is not solving its business values with the main aim of developing fast world management solutions. If you are one of those seeking better business, you can strive to achieve your solutions through the state issues Igor Cornelsen has for your business.

When the economy is not in good shape in Brazil, many banking companies and firms suffer from the shape. One of the policies that were developed by Dilma Rousseff was geared towards making this world a better place in the economy. Learn more about Igor Cornelson:

When a bank suffers the economic downtime with the country’s economic structure, they must look for ways of solving some of their problems in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. Few banks have that capability in the industry. This is because they have kept up with the latest economic trends to help them achieve their specific goals in this industry.

The Brazilian Bank of Itau is one of the few banks that sustain their businesses during the economic downtimes. Bradesco Bank also saw an increased capability that suggests they are in good business profiles. This is why they keep winning their business cultures.

PR Newswire stated that Igor Cornelsen has showcased the success of the Brazilian Banks of Itau with more than 36 percent growth in investment money during the first quarter of the year. Bradesco Bank also succeeded in raising more than 28 percent of their investment as the only bank with the capability to compete with Bank of Itau.

Igor Cornelsen also showcases the reasons why the banks keep winning their business clients during the harsh economic downtimes. For over three decades of experience in the industry, Igor can help his clients succeed in the world of capital investment and banking.

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5 Ways To Make Your Business Healthier: Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen Gives His Insight

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Why Fabletics and Other Established Brands Capitalize on the Power of the Crowd

Today, the power of the crowd is one of the primary determinants of the volume of purchases made by consumers. Most clients rely on crowd-sourced reviews to decide on the final purchases. They treat the reviews they come across on online platforms as reliable as personal recommendation they get from people they know. Top brands, such as Fabletics, are taking advantage of this shift in client behavior by developing and implementing review-centered marketing strategies.


Since Fabletics began its operations in 2013, the brand has expanded by over 200 percent to generate revenue of over $235 million. The firm also boasts over one million subscribed members. According to TechStyle Fashion Group’s chief marketing officer, Shawn Gold, Fabletics has registered substantial success due to its ability to embrace crowd or user reviews. Client reviews can have a direct impact on customer acquisition, client retention for fashion startups across all sectors, and improved loyalty.


Consumers truly trust reviews


With many consumers embracing the digital way of life, they depend on online reviews before making any decision. Clients mostly research businesses and go through online reviews before deciding to purchase anything. The BrightLocal study revealed that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews nearly the same way they trust personal recommendation they obtain from people they know. The study also discovered that this statistic has been on an upward trend every year the study has been carried out. CEO Peter Holten of Trustpilot says that trust that consumers accord to traditional advertising and marketing has been diminishing over the years.


Becoming a Fabletics member


Fabletics allows its clients to register as members free of charge. After registering, the members provide information about their lifestyle and workout preferences. The firm’s designers use the preferences to select personalized outfits for each member.


Kate Hudson: the growth trajectory of Fabletics

Kate Hudson is a fashion guru of high reputation. She is one of the innovative fashion entrepreneurs behind the successful athleisure brand called Fabletics. Since its unveiling in 2013, Fabletics has remained to a groundbreaking athleisure brand, created to be sweeping and empowering. Within less than four years, Kate has led her team into transforming a small fashion startup into a $250 million business. These impeccable achievements demonstrate Kate’s commitment to revolutionizing the fashion sector.


In 2013, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the entrepreneurs behind the creation of TechStyle Fashion Group, came up with an idea of launching an athleisure brand. The two executives had realized that the market was full of black and gray expensive sportswear for women. Therefore, they wanted to introduce a fashionable, cost-effective, and quality athleisure brand. They chose Kate as their partner due to her approachable nature and active lifestyle. They involved her on all aspects of launching the brand and overseeing its operations. Kate Hudson proved to be effective on matters such as reviewing budgets and coming up with an actionable social media strategy. Today, she actively participates in the design process and continues to lead her team to innovate new styles.

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How Goettl is Building a Solid Presence in California

Goettl Air Conditioning has been around a long time. The company was founded well over 70 years ago is considered by many professionals as a pioneer in the industry. It was founded by brothers Gust and Adam Goettl almost out of necessity to beat the extreme heat of Phoenix, Arizona. At the time the siblings created the region’s first evaporative cooler and refrigerated AC unit.

What makes Goettl so special is its ability to adjust to the times. Although there has been major changes in the HVAC business regarding technology Goettl continues to pull through.

In the past few years Goettl has been rapidly expanding. Last year the company went through a tremendous growth spurt in the Las Vegas area following its purchase of Moore air Conditioning. It has arguably become the most popular residential air conditioning provider in the Las Vegas market. Check out for the details.

This year the company announced that it has made another major acquisition acquiring southern California based HVAC company Walton’s Heating and Air. This deal allows Goettl to begin making an impact in California. Goettl already possesses offices in Phoenix, Tuscon, and Las Vegas. Adding the family owned business of Walton’s Heating and Air makes Goettl a major player in the industry on the west coast. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Walton’s owner Todd Longbrake was more than happy with the deal. He acknowledges that Goettl can take his beloved business to a level he was unable to reach on his own. He’d rather see it continue to grow than to become stagnant. Although the deal was closed two years ago Longbrake is still a part of the decision making. Goettl retained the former owner and appointed him the roles of sales manager and field supervisor.

Goettl was initially attracted to acquiring Walton’s because of its family background. The two companies quickly realized they shared many of the same set of values.

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Daniel Taub: A Glimpse Into The Four Years As The Israeli Ambassador In The UK

Daniel Taub is someone who has been instrumental in bridging the gap between Israel and the UK, by being the former Israeli ambassador. In the four years that he has been the ambassador, the trade between the two countries has increased significantly.

However, this summer, Daniel Taub’s tenure will be coming to an end, drawing the close of an extremely fruitful experience as a link between the UK and Israel.

Daniel Taub was born in the UK and is of Israeli Descent. In 1989, he decided to move back to his homeland, after spending over twenty-five years in the country. He has incredible educational qualifications and attended Oxford University and then went on to attain another degree from Harvard. When he moved to Israel, he worked with the defense forces as a combat medic. Read more: Daniel Taub | About

He was actively involved with the international law division owing to the knowledge and experience that he had in international relations.

It was only after working at this position for a few years did he decided to join the Israeli Foreign Ministry. After working at the Ministry for a while, he went on to become the Ambassador to the United Kingdom, owing to the fact that he lived there for so long, and was the best person for the job. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and http://דניאלטאוב

During the time that Daniel Taub spent being the Ambassador, he was instrumental in bringing the country to international markets. He has always taken pride in his Jewish roots and is a practicing orthodox jew.

He believes in being patriotic to his homeland, which is what motivated him to work hard to bring the country up and make it a noteworthy country for foreign trade.

For Daniel Taub, creating friendly relations was not just a personal goal, but something that he saw that Israel truly needed. With the UK being the financial center of Europe, having good relations with them would benefit the country in more ways than one.

With that idea in mind, he helped foster a strategic partnership between the two countries, and now, is bidding farewell to his position after a job well done.

For the past four years, Daniel Taub has been living in the UK, but now plans to move back to his home country. He wants to be able to bring up his children in the midst of rich heritage and tradition, which is something he believes he can truly attain from the country of Israel

Even in the midst of the conflict that is currently going on in the middle east, the country of Israel has been able to enter into co-operative partnerships with numerous countries, benefiting both parties in multiple ways. With this and the effort that Daniel Taub has put in, the country is on the path for development.

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Marc Sparks – Successful and Well-Established Entrepreneur and Businessman in the United States

Marc Sparks is one of the leading serial entrepreneurs and a successful businessman in the United States, known for his efforts to help new age entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. Thanks to his immense success and range of achievements, there are many entrepreneurs in the country today that look upon him for inspiration and follow his footsteps. He is presently based in Dallas. The efforts of Marc Sparks to help the entrepreneurs has been widely acclaimed and appreciated. One of the reasons why he has been able to gain much popularity in recent times is due to the many mentorship programs he has developed for the new as well as successful entrepreneurs. Over the years, Marc Sparks has been able to implement innovative business strategies in his businesses, which has worked wonderfully for him. Learn more:


Marc Sparks is the creator of an innovative platform where business owners and clients come together, which helps in sharing of ideas and exchange of business. The agency of Marc Sparks also acts as a business facilitator, which helps the business owners to get new business, reach out to more clients, and strategically advance in their respective niche. One of the programs that Marc Sparks has developed for the entrepreneurs is known as Marketing Sparks, which helps the entrepreneurs to get connected with the business experts and successful businessman. It helps the new entrepreneurs to make all their doubts and get to know about the tried and tested business strategies that have worked for their mentors over the years.


Marc Sparks is associated with many different firms, some of which are started by him and others where he serves as partner or director. One of the key factors for which most of the businesses he has started or overseas has become a huge success is because of the exemplary customer service it provides. Customer service is essential to today’s date and age of high competition. If the clients do not get good service at one place, it doesn’t take a second to make a second choice. It is why; Marc Sparks advises new age entrepreneurs to focus on quality and innovation, but never to forget the importance of customer service. He believes the perfect combination of quality, innovation, consistency, and customer service can help any company to flourish in its sector. Learn more:


The Marketing Sparks mentorship program developed by Marc Sparks is beneficial for the entrepreneurs who are looking for ideas on how to transform their vision into reality or find out what else can be done to take their business ahead of the competition. Marc Sparks has given the entrepreneurs a way to expand their knowledge and get first-hand advice from the successful businessman through his mentorship program, which also generates him considerable revenue. He is also the author of the famous book on entrepreneurship named “They Can’t Eat You”.

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Whitney Wolfe Revolutionizes Online Dating Through Bumble, The Dating App

Hitherto, dating apps have only facilitated online interactions. Daters can chat and interact via various online platforms and meet at their discretion. This is a bit inconvenient since daters are not encouraged and provided with a platform to meet in person. However, this is about to change since Bumble the new dating app facilitates the physical meeting of daters. The dating app is opening up a pop-up location in New York. This one of a kind location will go by the name the ‘Hive.’ The Hive is designed to be more than a dating site. It is an all-inclusive place where Bumble fans can meet and hang out as they sample the Bumble brand.

The hive will be located in Soho, 158th Mercer Street, NY. It will be open Thursday through to Sunday at different timings. The hive will have a lot to offer. It will feature a coffee and real bar as well as stalls where Bumble merchandise will be sold. The dating space is souped up in Bumble’s unique flavor. Bumble plans to roll out similar joints in other cities after successes in this New York joint. Whitney Wolfe, the CEO of Bumble, said that she believes the hive is a bold step towards formalizing online dating. She stated that this formality makes Bumble something that people can be proud to be associated with. She added that they intend to expand Bumble to Bumble Bizz that will not only focus on dating but will cover professional networking as well.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a Texas-based entrepreneur. She is a founder and the current head of Bumble. Whitney Wolfe is also a co-founder of Tinder, another popular dating app. Both bumble and Tinder have emerged as top dating apps in America. In the year 2014 at only 25, Whitney Wolfe was named to be among the most important women under 30 in tech by the magazine Tech Insider. She also featured in the 2016 Elle’s women in tech list.

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Utah. She attended SMU and pursued a degree in international studies. She joined Match Labs, an app development firm at the age of 22. At Match labs, Whitney Wolfe was involved in various app development projects. She still holds some stake in these apps. In 2014, she moved to Austin Texas and founded Bumble. She developed Bumble, an app that has revolutionized the dating space.

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How Kevin Seawright Is Changing Lives In Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of RPS Solutions LLC in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a firm that has a mission to provide affordable homeownership opportunities to residents in this city. Seawright is tasked with overseeing the daily operations of RPS Solutions and working with 20 contractors that renovate the homes his company buys and sells. The ultimate goal is to boost the rate of homeownership in Baltimore from its present 44% to 66%. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

Prior to his arrival at RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright worked for several years in various capacities for the city of Baltimore. Among his positions have been Payroll Director for the city, Finance Director, for the city’s Department of Housing, and serving the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation as its Chief Financial Officer.

During his time with the city of Baltimore Seawright had a number of significant accomplishments. During his time with the Parks Department, he reduced their budget deficit by $600,000 during just his first year at the helm. He also successfully managed the department’s $134 million annual operation budget while increasing efficiency and the department’s reputation with the people it serves.

After leaving behind working for the government in 2011, Kevin Seawright joined Tito Contractors in Washington D.C. as their Vice President of Operations. His responsibilities at this firm included managing the firm’s government contracts as well as handling union collective bargaining negotiations. He also oversaw the company’s customer service and construction projects as well as accounting and budgeting.

In 2013, Kevin Seawright became the Executive Director of Operations for Collington Episcopal Life Care Company in Prince Georges, Maryland. He once again handled collective bargaining negotiations in this position and managed human resources.

He also had other responsibilities such as managing real estate properties and personal estates. His success in this position led to him winning awards for exceeding CitiState performance standards.

According to Crunchbase, as a top executive at RPS Solutions, Seawright is looking to make a big difference in his community. He believes that increased homeownership leads to stable and attractive neighborhoods where people take pride in their homes. He is continuously expanding this opportunity to more residents of the city.