Bruce Levenson Is Bringing AIG Insurance To Court

Bruce Levenson ended his time as owner of the Hawks early last year when he sold the team to Tony Ressler for a large price. But the chapter hasn’t quite reached its conclusion as Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) are now facing a court battle with their former insurance company, AIG. When Levenson and AHBE sold their shares, they elected to cover the contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry, and under such a circumstance AHBE and Levenson should have been able to file a claim with AIG. But AIG has thus far refused to pay out any claims despite AHBE’s attorneys stating they were obligated to do so, so Levenson and AHBE are now trying to sort the case out in court.

More about the Hawks:

Bruce Levenson is a much respected business owner and philanthropist who founded Unified Communications Group (UCG). This company publishes newsletters about various industries, especially energy and mortgage banking. Levenson founded UCG back in 1977 with his friend Ed Peskowitz, and many years later he also helped form their subsidiary TechTarget where he still serves on the board. UCG is also the founder of GasBuddy, an app that’s come in very handy for truckers looking for cheap gas prices.

Bruce Levenson is a very accomplished philanthropist who has done a lot for children living in the inner city of Washington. According to PR News, he helped launch Hoop Dreams, an inner city basketball tournament whose proceeds went to scholarship foundations for inner city children. Levenson also has donated to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, a cause that has hit close to him because of his Jewish Heritage, and that of his mother-in-law who survived the event. Levenson supports Jewish foundations such as BBYO, SEED Foundation and Birthright Israel. He also supported the Anti-Defamation League’s Concert Against Hate this last year. Source:

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