The False Narrative On George Soros

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The Media Pariah
The media and the right find themselves in need of a scapegoat and a villain. More often than not the man most frequently targeted is a man named George Soros. Born in 1930 Soros experienced the tragedy of the Holocaust firsthand in his native Hungary. Despite this rough start he managed to build one of the world’s largest fortunes through his personal hedge fund. His success and political ideals have made Soros the target of many antisemitic and conspiratorial attacks. In particular Glenn Beck has led this hysteria and made George Soros into an almost cartoonish villain.

An Image Of Success
The story of George Soros is rags-to-riches tale come to life. His childhood in Hungary was far from the success he would later see in life. Despite the common and often violent antisemitism he faced Soros has managed to accrue a fortune of $25 billion dollars. He doesn’t simply hoard his wealth for himself either.

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The Beck Effect
Much of the controversy surrounding George Soros comes from his support of a global society and his efforts to help foster free trade. Glenn Beck, one of the most popular commentators at Fox News, has made Soros one his prime targets. According to Beck Soros is something similar to a villain you would find in a comic book. He accuses Soros of attempting to undermine America in order to create amore global society on with Soros at the helm. Ideas such as this are not new and bear a disturbing resemblance to older prejudices.

The New Antisemitism
The conspiracy theories of Glenn Beck aren’t just any ordinary smear. He is advancing ideas at the center of a growing antisemitism on Unlike older concepts of antisemitism that may have had religious undertones this new antisemitism sees globalization as the brainchild of Jewish elites and sees nationalism as the only solution. Glenn Beck’s accusations against George Soros possess a certain irony to them. While Beck often considers communism as one of the biggest dangers facing us he attacks a man who has led some of the greatest efforts out there to advance capitalism. Indeed two of the biggest revolutions Soros funded, the Velvet Revolution of Czech Republic and the Orange Revolution of Ukraine, were against communist regimes. Despite this irony it doesn’t appear Glenn Beck will stop any time soon.

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