The Davos Real Estate Group Now Has A New App For Calculating Return On Real Estate Investments

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 David Osio, the head of the Davos Financial Group and its sister company the Davos Real Estate Group has announced the release of a new app for clients. This app is a CAP calculator designed to help clients find out the returns that a property purchase will yield over time. The app has been developed by Teknolution and Davos REG Executive Director Gerard Gonzalez has been offering his input to make it patented for clients. This app is not the only one that the Davos Financial Group is releasing. According to PRNewswire, they also plan on releasing a mortgage calculator app that will provide investors all the information and numbers they need to know about their mortgage.

David Osio and his company are a specialized investment and wealth management firm that use a variety of investment vehicles for client portfolios. Osio has hired qualified individuals who know the market movements and can advise clients on sound business investments, and make projections on upcoming fiscal periods. They also offer legal and tax advice, as well as administrative support and other services tailored to corporate clients, as per their company website. In addition, the Davos Real Estate Group offers full-service property listings and guides clients at every step of the purchase all the way to closing.

David Osio is originally from Venezuela where his company is based in, but he’s traveled all over the world and grown his business into several major European and Latin American cities. Osio got his business degree from the Catholic University of Andrés Bello, and he held his first executive position at OPED Enterprise, and later Letco Commercial Companies.

Osio would later move to Miami where he would become head of the commercial banking division at Banco Latino International, a position that would propel him to become a major financial guru. In 1993, he decided to start his own financial services and formed the Davos Financial Group and its conglomerates, starting with offices in Caracas, and then moving to Miami, New York, Lisbon, and Geneva. Osio is also a philanthropist who appreciates fine arts and music, contributing to the Miami Symphony orchestra, and he also appreciates history and tradition and supports the UMA Foundation.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Wins Second Award

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For two years in a row, Nationwide Title Clearing has won an award for being the best place to be employed in Palm Harbor, Florida. They have made a big difference in the lives of employees and this has given them the chance to win this award. It has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things that are right and that they are giving their employees the best chance possible when it comes to the different things that they have to offer them. They have been allowed to do much more with their business because of the positive ways they have treated their employees.


Despite the fact that Nationwide is only an average sized business, they have been giving their employees conglomerate sized benefits. This has allowed the employees to be happy with their job and to continuously vote Nationwide as the number one employer in the area. The employees of Nationwide Title Clearing are very happy with what the company has to offer them and they have been successful in the time that they have been in business because of this dedication to their employees.


The clients who come to Nationwide Title Clearing even notice the way that the employees are treated. Since the employees have a better working environment, they are happier. They are more likely to help their clients with the needs that they have and this has led to them being one of the best businesses in their industry. Clients always return to Nationwide because of the excellent service that they receive.


When Nationwide first began, they were solely dedicated to clearing titles. They continue to do that and to find information for their clients on the titles that they are hoping to purchase but they now also process documents for the people who come to them. The clients who use Nationwide Title Clearing are able to get the services that they need before they buy a home. This allows them the chance to make sure that they are getting a home that will not be detrimental. Nationwide can find most things that would be a problem for homeowners, like liens on the property.

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Why Does Mike Baur Work Wonders For Startups?

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Startups are the most common companies that are looking for funding, and they are usually the people who are trying to get the best results from a small amount of cash. They need to make sure they have found someone who can supply them with cash and help them learn how to use the cash they have been given. The best way to do this is to work with Mike Baur at the Swiss Startup Factory. He is a brilliant man who has chosen to create a company where every digital startup can walk through the door looking for better funding.

The first thing that most companies need to do is come in knowing how much money they need. They will ask Mike Baur for a certain amount of money, and then they will learn from Mike Baur how much they can receive. It is very easy for companies to start to get funding, and then it is very simple for people to learn how to manage their company once they receive the money. Mike Baur has a track record for helping startups, and he also knows how to make sure that his clients can use the money that he offers them the right way.

He brought in Michael Hartweg to help people with their digital startups, and he has a way of mentoring companies that need to get to work on their digital domains. There is a lot to consider when a digital startup is looking for money, and the only way to make sure that a company has the right amount of money is for these two men to help these companies come to good business decisions. The business decisions that are reached are easy to manage, and then the Swiss Startup Factory will follow up with each client.

Mike Baur has proven that he knows how to get startups working when they have no other options.

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