Preparing For School With Rocketship Education

The Rocketship Education model of education is designed to not simply provide a student with the basic facts and experiences required to allow them the opportunity to become a future leader of the charter school system. Preparing to start a new week, semester, or grade at Rocketship Education is an issue faced in largely the same way no matter what academic challenge is being faced during that particular period of time; students attending Rocketship Education face the challenge of completing their studies in a way that often brings their entire life into play.

Educators have developed a new system at Rocketship Education which allows educators and families the chance to develop closer links than ever before which in turn allows students the chance to develop as more than just a high-quality academic. Rocketship Education believes its hybrid and experimental approaches to education can pay dividends where other areas of the traditional public school system have largely failed in the past; after becoming a major part of the education system in California, Rocketship Education is now one of the leading educational programs in the U.S. and believes the high-quality of educators play a major role in the development of students at elementary level.

Rocketship Education has placed families at the heart of every decision being made about the growth and development of the charter school group including the choice of which educators should be employed at any of its ever-increasing locations. Parents are now given training at each location so they can play a role in the interview and selection process of teachers whenever a position arises.

Not every aspect of the Rocketship Education Charter School model is experimental but one area the founders of the groups remain unmoved about is the constant coaching and training of educators. The holistic approach to the education of Rocketship Education is aimed as much at educators as it is at students and their families who continue to be seen as important cogs in the wheel that is the charter school system which is growing across the nation.

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