The Kindness of Eric Pulier

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Having a child with a chronic medical condition is hard on all members of the family. Our family has struggled greatly after our beloved youngest daughter was given a scary diagnosis. We have seen a lot of hard times and struggled to get through them. We have all found it hard to make time for fun in our lives. This is why all of us, including our daughters, were delighted to find that there was a place where we could let down our hair and relax a bit, even in the face of bad news. This place is The Painted Turtle Camp. Many people are involved with this marvelous camp but one who stands out to us Eric Pulier.

A Caring Person

Working with a charity to help your child is not always easy. You want your child to have fun but you’re not always sure where to begin. This is why I found it so wonderful to have Eric Pulier at my side. Not only does he care, he also makes it so much easier to navigate the process of helping children.

Less Paperwork

Pulier doesn’t just donate money. He also donates kindness and caring. His work with the Painted Turtle camp is about showing parents exactly how they can help send a child here. He offers children with chronic illnesses such as my daughter the opportunity to be in a place where they don’t always have to worry about their lives and the medical challenges they face. I’ve seen him time and again here, interacting with campers and helping them feel happy and full of laughter. It is his dedication that has helped my daughter come out of her shell a little and feel more comfortable around strangers who might otherwise feel nervous around her and her obvious medical condition. We are truly grateful for his honest caring work.

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