Clinical Excellence: CAA of Austin, Texas

When it comes to providing the very best of medical care, Capital Anesthesiology Association is at the top of most people’s list. This organization has been around since the early 70’s and it delivers on all promises. Unfortunately, many other medical facilities doesn’t have the patients best interest at heart. If money is the motive, any organization will most certainly lose it’s way. Not to worry with CAA because this team of highly qualified medical personnel does everything by the book, are very professional, and practices at the highest quality of standards. This ensures any and all patients that they will be receiving the very best of services that gets them back up on their feet and running.

Capital Anesthesiology Association has many doctors and nurses that are board certified under the American Board of Anesthesiology. This isn’t by chance either as each and every staff member is highly trained and educated, which gives the patient the best possible outcome for his or her situation. Whether it’s for ambulatory surgical centers, or for high acuity hospitals, as well as level 1 trauma centers, CAA delivers on all promises.

Clinical excellence? Of course, CAA has the very best talented doctors and nurses whom are truly ethical. You won’t find any blemishes here even if you look through a microscope. The future is here and Capital Anesthesiology Association is leading the way by example.

Copa Star; The Best Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

Copa Star Hospital is a top-flight hospital in Copacabana. It is on the southern side of Rio de Janeiro. It was opened last year in October after three years of construction. The hospital combines technology, luxury, and quality service to provide superior healthcare services to its clients. The design of the hospital has been likened to that of a five-star hotel. This is in line with the vision that the hospital’s developers had in mind when they started construction. The hospital spans seven floors and has twenty thousand square meters of space. It uses a smart hospitality system that allows patients to interact with the hospital itself and the employees.

The hospital has 150 rooms. 45 for these are for ICU patients. The hospital has nine surgical rooms and a hybrid room fitted with robotic equipment. Copa Star has adopted technology to ensure that the physicians focus better and conduct the medical procedures in a safe manner. Copa Star employs more than 500 employees. A hundred of them are doctors. Read more at about Copa Star.

Each room in the hospital has an iPad tablet that patients can use to communicate with their doctor or call for medical assistance. Patients can also adjust the ambiance of their rooms by adjusting the lighting and the curtains through an application on the tablet devices. A patient can view their medical examination results on the iPad and then go through it with their doctor. A patient can also adjust the inclination of their bed through the tablet.

Rede D’Or Sao Luiz is the company that developed the Copa Star Hospital. Jorge Moll is the founder of Rede D’Or. He said that the firm invested close to R $500 million in the project. He said that they decided to start the hospital to cater to residents of Rio who had to travel to other areas to get world-class treatment services. The hospital has professionals in the lobby ready with stretchers to receive patients at the hospital. Hospital Copa Star has an internal aromatization system that ensures that the air is clean and welcoming. The hospital is also fitted with hundreds of works of art by Yutaka Toyota. He is a Japanese painter.

The staff was trained for two months before the opening of the hospital. They were shown how to deal with all types of emergency situations that might occur at the hospital during this time. They were also instructed by professionals on the right attire and makeup to use when they are attending to patients. This is one of the ways that the hospital has committed itself to providing top-notch services. Rede D’Or is looking to introduce the concept of the hospital to the other main cities in the country such as Brasilia and Sao Paulo.


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