Doe Deere Helping Us Sparkle and Shine

Doe Deere is a modern day fashion icon and entrepreneur with an edge. She has an identity, a personalized point of view, and ideas on how to give people the freedom to display who they truly are. Doe Deere is a real modern day role model. Her passion and vision as well as her creativity led to the development one of my favorite brands Lime Crime. This brand of cosmetics gives us the ability to be colorful and to sparkle and shine both literally and figuratively. For any of you who haven’t checked out this brand I would highly recommend doing so. My personal favorites are the Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers. They are everything beautiful in a bottle! All of us who love expressing our unique individualistic side love this brand. Doe Deere has even made her line Vegan and Animal Friendly which is truly appreciated. As an animal lover first and consumer second this means so much to me. She is accomplishing so many great things all while transforming the world of self-expression into a much more fun place. Yet she still wakes up and starts her day as many of us do, checking Instagram! I love the inside scoop into Deere’s morning routine that this article gives us. Although I have to say that after reading it I am truly perplexed as to how Doe Deere manages to wake up without an alarm. I am completely jealous. I would love to escape the necessity of having the dreaded sound of my alarm awaken me from my precious sleep everyday. I do love that Doe mentioned the importance of unplugging from the constant buzz of the digital world. We all need to take a step away from the screen and notice the world around us. This is so critical and I think we need all need reminders of this everyday. One of the other major highlights of this article, and I have to say thank you to Savoir Flair for this, is for getting us the details on Doe Deere’s morning beauty picks. Who wouldn’t be excited about getting to know the products and color choices Deere uses personally! Doe has absolutely flawless skin. After reading this article I think I should try starting my day off with a glass of water! Thank you so much Doe Deere for sharing all these tricks of the trade with us. And thank you for showing us it’s more than ok being who we are. Doe Deere you give us the inspiration to be bold and fully embrace and express ourselves. Thank you!

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How Doe Deere Got Her Start

Lime Crime is such a unique brand, and the women behind it has made quite the name for herself because of the way they handle business. Doe Deere is so unique in her ideas and what she has to offer, and finds it to be incredible what she is capable of. Doe Deere continues to change the world with her unique ideas, and this company is known for being her baby and what she has to offer.

In a recent interview with Guest of A Guest (, she talked a bit about everything she does and what she has been known for. She talked briefly about growing up in Russia and moving to the United States at the ripe age of only 17 years old. She currently lives in Los Angeles, and she has continued to build her life since then. She grew up as quite ambitious, and she still uses that unique approach to life in this little unique way.

Starting out as a musician, she learned the importance of support from others and how much it meant to her when people would show up to her musical events. She learned how to value relationships and build connections, which eventually helped her out in her business down the road for Lime Crime. Doe and her husband met in a band, and today they are still together and still reminisce at how far they have come in their business and what they do.

Her growth in her business taught her to never give up, and so the advice she gives to any young woman with a dream is to dream big and to go out there and believe in yourself. Doe is quite inspiring with the fact that she started her own business with barely any money to her name. She started out small through eBay, and from that point moved forward and starting working towards building an actual company which she did very quickly after.

Today, Doe Deere is a successful businesswoman who continues to showcase her love for makeup through the different ways she does business. She is one of the best in the business for numerous reasons, and she loves what she does. As a businesswoman, she loves to focus on creating new detail to what she sells, and so she has now recently created a great hair dye line that is going to skyrocket what Lime Crime has to offer.

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