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Imagine you are an investor and looking to cashing in big money. Apart from it being a fun, exciting venture, it is also risky. That is why as an investor, you need experts to look up to and follow in regards to where you are putting your money. That is the importance of Timothy Armour.

Tim Armour serves as the head and cheerleader of Capital Group as well as the Principal Executive Officer. Tim Armour is also the Chairman of the company’s affiliates and a portfolio manager for equity firms. With his 33 years experience in the field of investment, Tim has continuously offered investment advice to entrepreneurs and businesses across the world. His prominence roots from his vast experience in global communications as well as United States firms. Tim Armour’s career commenced at Capital with his active participation in Associates Program. He is a holder of a degree in Economics having attended Middlebury College.

Capital Group Objectives

Capital Group decisions making process capitalizes on long-term solutions. The team believes in tailoring their goals to the demands of the clients. To Capital Group achieving high-end results is key in addition to getting long term rewards. The company rewards hard working managers hence the motivation to achieve excellent results irrespective of the assets they have been allocated to control.

Communally, Capital Group works closely with its associates in investing in the company and its clients. Capital’s philosophical investment focuses on pleasing the customers. The reimbursement of the investment professionals depends on the investment results over one to eight years. To promote long-term investment strategies, Capital Group considers maximum concentration on every successive measurement. The interests of Capital Group are considerably intertwined with the demands of clients hence their success and reputation.

September Market Sell-Off

Over the past years, specifically in 2015, the world registered deviating economic growth, especially in China. A deviating fall in Chinese stocks included currency devaluation hence a depiction of deteriorating economies and global trading partners in Japan and Europe. With China cutting down its interest rates while easing bank requirements stimulate the economy, Tim Armour as an investment portfolio manager explained that the United States market is rising across the world since they are more upheld compared to other economies. With stretched valuations in most firms and sectors, the market correction came in as expected because the correction is healthy for the most market in the world. Besides, the correction clears expenses.

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