Forming A Good Presentation With Marc Sparks

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The multiply successful entrepreneur Marc Sparks recognizes that having a good idea is only half of the battle. The ability to provide a good product or service is only half of what it takes to develop a good business. The other half is what many entrepreneurs struggle with.

They have to be able to convince others that their product is as good as it really is. . Fortunately, Marc Sparks has offered a bit of advice about how to develop an efficient presentation.

Keep Their Attention-Span In Mind

People want instant gratification. If they turn on a how-to video on YouTube and the speaker spends five minutes introducing the topic before getting into any actual content, they will be likely to turn the video off or fast-forward it because they are getting bored.

While this might be an issue to deal with in itself, it is not something that can be addressed during the entrepreneur’s presentation about her product or service. Instead, she should work within the boundaries of their attention span. Brevity never hurt anyone. Further, Sparks advised using a few different speakers. An audience is likely to be overwhelmed by four 5 minute speakers than one 20 minute speaker.

Speak With Passion

If the speaker is boring herself, the audience will inevitably become bored. They do not want to hear somebody speaking in a monotonous tone or reading from a manuscript.

They want to read somebody who is passionate about the topic at hand. Whether that topic is a product or a company, people like passion. They begin to think that it is something they could invest themselves in.

For the speaker to capture that emotion, she should begin to reflect upon why she got into the industry in the first place. Often, speaking with passion will come with a personal story. People want to hear about how some piece of data has applied to her life.

If they do not hear that, then what the speaker is essentially doing is teaching a class in statistics, mathematics, economics, or something that the audience simply does not care about. By relaying passion and the reasons for her passion to the audience, she is conveying why the subject matters and why they should care about it.

All of this is to say that the speakers should have conviction about the topic. If they do not have conviction, then the audience will not have conviction. According to GoodReads, these speaking tactics are largely what brought Marc Sparks into success.

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