Samuel Strauch: A Person You Can Trust For Real Estate Business

Samuel Strauch wanted to be a financial expert, but fate has something else for him. Even though he worked many national and multinational firms on different financial position but he landed on continuing his forefather’s business i.e. real estate industry. Strauch started managing that company to help local of Florida, a citizen of America of people from different part of the world to deal in the real estate business in Florida, with a good growth of their investment.

Samuel Strauch has more than a decade worth of experience in real estate industry, and he is a licensed real estate agent who is working in Florida for Affinity Realty Group Inc. Samuel has successfully completed different real estate transactions in numerous areas including Hollywood, Miami Beach, Miami, and much more.

HomeLight, a local real estate management company, ranks Strauch as top 12% of agents for selling homes successfully. In the year when he chose to be under 12% of individual who successfully concluded a deal, he also chose for top 16% who concluded the deals in a matter of days. That expertise and knowledge is not an easy thing to get. Samuel Strauch worked very hard and invested a huge amount of time in real estate business to learn tips and tricks.

Secondly, the reason behind Samuel Strauch success does not only depend on skills and expertise but on his personality as well. He is a good listener, and he understands each and every detail of his client before offering him a real estate solution. He just does not start throwing the offers blindly to them to make them confuse so that they can manipulate their needs and sell deal a house that is more profitable to him. Instead, he prefers the values of his client. Samuel Strauch believes that the return of a satisfied customer is much more than the return of one false deal.

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Why Roberto Santiago Ranks Top Among the Brazilian Entrepreneurs

Roberto Santiago is the mastermind behind the most popular shopping mall in the state of Paraiba and Brazil at large, Manaira Shopping. At the time he established the mall in 1989, Roberto was a young man in his early 30s. Since then, he has grown in the industry to impressively well. Now in his late fifties, the Joao Pessoa-native has managed to earn a legacy of being one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in Brazil. On top of that, Roberto is respected by many for his ability to read and interpret market trends and consequently seize business opportunities. His investments, on the other hand, are wise and calculated. He always designs his brands in a way that suits the needs and preferences of the clients in the region. Read more about the mall on

The Manaira Shopping

For the 28 years Roberto Santiago has headed Manaira Shopping; the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall has expanded for a record five times, each expansion adding a little touch of sophistication. Currently, the mall has a total of 280 stores, giving the residents of Paraiba a chance to shop everything under one roof. Thanks to Roberto’s visionary business mind, these residents have all their entertainment and leisure needs catered by Manaira Shopping. The mall has conference halls that cater for corporates and family functions as well.

Where there is leisure or entertainment, movies also come in handy. Roberto Santiago was alive to this fact when he invested heavily in constructing eleven modern movie theaters in Manaira Shopping. On top of that, the brilliant entrepreneur went an extra mile and equipped the theaters with state-of-the-art display devices to give clients quality and clear displays. For the VIPs, Roberto built a room within the mall designed like a stadium for comfort purposes and equipped it with 3D display screens.

Saying that Roberto Santiago is the most innovative entrepreneur in Joao Pessoa is not an exaggeration. At Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, he was able to come up with everything for everyone regardless of their tastes, age, and even gender. Looking at the games facility at the mall, there are electronic bowling slopes for bowling lovers. The mall also has electronic game machines for the younger generation and modern gym machines for those who love to work out.

The Mangabeira Shopping

Mangabeira Shopping is another state-of-the-art shopping mall owned by Roberto Santiago. The mall is situated along Hilton Souto Maior Avenue in the heart of Mangabeira, Joao Pessoa. It has more than two hundred stores that sell a variety of product from diverse industries, including technology, sports, decoration, and fashion. Roberto established this mall in 2014, in a strategic move to tighten his grip on the market in Northeast Brazil. Mangabeira Shopping did not just give Roberto the bragging rights in the coastal city; it has transformed it into an entertainment hub.

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Town Residential Growth

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The real estate market is getting hot in a lot of areas. With the election of Donald Trump, interest rates have gone up quickly. A lot of people are worried about the future with him as President. With the rise in interest rates, many buyers are coming onto the market in an attempt to secure a mortgage before they go up too much more. Over the long term, one of the biggest reasons that many people struggle with home prices is the down payment. Saving up twenty percent for a new home used to be the norm. However, today many people put just a few percentage points down on the total purchase price of the home. If you want to start investing for your future, now is a great time to do so.

Town Residential

Working with a real estate company is a great way to buy or sell a home. Town Residential is a company that has grown a lot in recent years, and they are dedicated to helping customers get to the next level. They are really excited about what is coming in the future, especially with all of the new technology that is going to radically change the industry.


The real estate market is always changing, and it really depends on your local area. In some places, the housing market recovery is starting to get a little shaky. However, in others, there are a lot of opportunities for growth in prices. If you are wanting to purchase a home today, there is going to be a lot of competition for new homes. This is something that a lot of people do not realize. Sometimes it makes sense to go out and look for homes that are not on the market yet. This will help you take advantage of all of the things that are coming down in the market.


Overall, Town Residential is a great company that is growing rapidly. In just the last three years, they have already opened up an additional couple of locations. There are a lot of people who are starting to look at the long term picture for their finances. If you are wanting to purchase a home soon, you need to try and have a down payment saved up. This will help you get to the next level when it comes to your home purchasing process. Over the long term, a lot of people are excited about the things that are coming in the housing market.


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