David Giertz Advises Clients on Retirement Income

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When saving for your retirement, it’s important to take your social security income into consideration. Not many financial advisors include this in their talks with clients. Yet, David Giertz says social security is a crucial part of retirement savings, something all clients and financial planners should discuss.

If anyone has any knowledge of finances, it would be David Giertz. The financial advisor has been working in the finance for over 30 years and is certified with FINRA on Instagram. He began his finance career in the late 80s when he started working for Skokie Federal Savings. Following his one-year tenure with Skokie, he would go on to work for other small financial firms in New York and Florida.

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But it’s his work with Nationwide that put David Giertz on the map. In 2006, Giertz began working for the financial division of the insurance company. Giertz’s keen eye for finances led him to being promoted as President of Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide, a title he’s held since 2013. Through his work as an advisor, David Giertz helps clients prepare their savings for the future.

One important aspect that David Giertz takes into consideration when helping with a client’s income is Social Security. Many people consider Social Security to be an important factor in their retirement income. While Social Security does provide for the retirees, David Giertz advises clients not to solely rely on the benefits. With reductions in payments along with taxation, people will be receiving fewer benefits than they imagined. Plus, the addition of other expenses leads to the spending of Social Security benefits at https://soundcloud.com/davidgiertz.

With his financial experience, David Giertz shows clients how they can use Social Security along with other money-saving options to provide a nice nest egg for their retirement.

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