Whitney Wolfe Revolutionizes Online Dating Through Bumble, The Dating App

Hitherto, dating apps have only facilitated online interactions. Daters can chat and interact via various online platforms and meet at their discretion. This is a bit inconvenient since daters are not encouraged and provided with a platform to meet in person. However, this is about to change since Bumble the new dating app facilitates the physical meeting of daters. The dating app is opening up a pop-up location in New York. This one of a kind location will go by the name the ‘Hive.’ The Hive is designed to be more than a dating site. It is an all-inclusive place where Bumble fans can meet and hang out as they sample the Bumble brand.

The hive will be located in Soho, 158th Mercer Street, NY. It will be open Thursday through to Sunday at different timings. The hive will have a lot to offer. It will feature a coffee and real bar as well as stalls where Bumble merchandise will be sold. The dating space is souped up in Bumble’s unique flavor. Bumble plans to roll out similar joints in other cities after successes in this New York joint. Whitney Wolfe, the CEO of Bumble, said that she believes the hive is a bold step towards formalizing online dating. She stated that this formality makes Bumble something that people can be proud to be associated with. She added that they intend to expand Bumble to Bumble Bizz that will not only focus on dating but will cover professional networking as well.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a Texas-based entrepreneur. She is a founder and the current head of Bumble. Whitney Wolfe is also a co-founder of Tinder, another popular dating app. Both bumble and Tinder have emerged as top dating apps in America. In the year 2014 at only 25, Whitney Wolfe was named to be among the most important women under 30 in tech by the magazine Tech Insider. She also featured in the 2016 Elle’s women in tech list.

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Utah. She attended SMU and pursued a degree in international studies. She joined Match Labs, an app development firm at the age of 22. At Match labs, Whitney Wolfe was involved in various app development projects. She still holds some stake in these apps. In 2014, she moved to Austin Texas and founded Bumble. She developed Bumble, an app that has revolutionized the dating space.

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The Success of Doe Deere

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Doe Deere is a prominent businesswoman who is most noted for her accomplishment as the owner as well as the founder of Lime Crime, a new makeup brand that has been turning heads and has been changing the way that both men and women wear makeup around the world. Doe Deere is truly and inspiring individual and works hard to build her business and to make sure that every single client of her company is happy and receives the exact product that they desire. As a businesswoman, Doe Deere made the decision to make sure that her company is an internet-based company in order to rely heavily on customer input.


Lime Crime is a company that was founded in 2008 as a side business to a clothing company that Doe Deere also created. Doe Deere is noted for her presence on many social media sites such as on Instagram where she has demonstrated her talent with both clothes and makeup through the many images that are posted on a weekly basis. The goal of Doe Deere is to promote a positive attitude by promoting a new way of wearing makeup that is bold and bright that encourages confidence at any time of the day.


The name of Lime Crime is a name that reflects the company of Doe Deere. Lime Crime is not only a name that stands out to customers that are looking for a great makeup product, but is also a name that reflects the favorite color of Doe Deere to use on her customers. In a recent interview with Galore magazine, an internet-based magazine, Doe Deere stated that she often feels as though her business is not a business. Doe Deere often realizes that she still has a job due to the pure fact that she is having too much fun running her business.


During this interview with Galore magazine, Doe Deere reflected on her past as well as her future plans for the business. Doe Deere stated that she has always been a creative individual and hopes that her talent within the makeup industry will continue to help grow her company. For future plans with Lime Crime, Doe Deere hopes to one day own a brick and mortar shop where she can not only become a part of a community, but can also offer consultation to both men and women in need of advice of what to wear.

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Christanna Bevin: Well-rounded Professional

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Christanna Bevin is a renowned project and service manager. She holds a Master’s degree from Australian Institute of Business attained in 2015. Christianna has worked in project control and procurement in construction and human resource sectors. She is a competent professional with vast experience in the industry. Due to her diligence in the industry, Christanna has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Christanna has worked in different countries for many years. From July to December of 2003, she was a site administrator for Stock. In January 2004, she joined UGL Limited as a Contract Administrator. Her good work led to a promotion to become the cost engineer. Her tasks included caring for pipe racks and power generation. She became the project manager, and her duties included commissioning contracts and implementation of the Alcoa PEU. Later, she worked as senior project control specialist for Kellogg Brown and Root.

She joined Parsons Brinckerhoff, to work as senior projects control manager in July 2005. She became a consulting and commercial specialist where her work involved assessing existing contracts, tracking costs, designing and upgrading the Olympic Dam Site.

Christanna joined Chelopech Mining EAD as a project control manager in August 2007. Her responsibilities included; control of projects and commercial management; and in management and training of the local workers. She also analyzed and supported the development of the EPCM definitive feasibility study.

In January 2010, Christanna joined Oakajee Port and Rail as a senior project controls manager. She was involved in development and management of efficient control systems and budget development. She became project services manager at Universal Energy Services in May 2011. She was involved in providing consultation services to customers in power generation industries. In May 2014, Christanna joined Phu Bia Mining as a projects services and projects control manager.

Since 2015, Christanna has been undertaking different international projects. She is energetic and flexible and plans to use her oral and writing skills in the provision of consultancy services in his specialist areas.

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