Doe Deere Discusses The Things That Make Lime Crime Successful

Good entrepreneurs don’t just know how to put out a new product that everyone loves; they also know how to bring out their most artistic creativity to do it, and that creativity perfectly describes Doe Deere, the woman behind Lime Crime Inc. Doe Deere both models for her company and is always involved in new marketing campaigns that come out for it, and its main slogan is being certified vegan and cruelty-free. The makeup, lipsticks, gloss, eye shadows and hair dyes all come in different colors from bright red and pink to sky blue and purple, or as Doe Deere would say she embraces the colors of the rainbow so that whether someone is looking to express themselves like a bright fairy tale character, or perhaps in a more darker manner, Lime Crime lets them do so.


Doe Deere had several aspirations growing up from her childhood days in Russia to her late teen and 20s years in the US. She had originally hoped to be both a singer and a fashion designer, and she joined a band upon moving to the US and attending college in New York City. Her band actually did release several albums, but they never quite made it to the fame that they had hoped for. However, Doe Deere did marry a lead guitarist from the band. She pursued fashion school for a while until she realized she had the tools already that she needed to go into business for herself. She would design outfits and then market them on an eBay store account that she had created and she was doing alright with sales, but she realized her fashion needed just a little something more.


Doe Deere then took the next step and started buying different makeup brands, hair liners and dyes, lipsticks and other cosmetics and started doing different colors. The name Lime Crime had already been used on her eBay store, but now her new colorful cosmetic kits gave the name new meaning. Soon she realized her makeup and hair colors could be the business she needed, and by 2008 her former eBay store now had its own website where the cosmetics were sold. She started putting together videos and makeup tutorials, and by 2009 Lime Crime was being talked about by many people. In 2011, Doe Deere moved to Los Angeles and made Lime Crime official.


Like many other millennial-based companies, Lime Crime isn’t run like your typical corporate retailer headquarters. Doe Deere has made it an enjoyable place to bounce ideas off of her team, and the company pays close attention to customer reviews and input from them on Lime Crime’s Facebook page. Customers can also join in sharing their Lime Crime experience by using the Twitter hashtag #LIMECRIME and showing off the products they’ve used. One thing Doe Deere is known well for is a love of animals not only just by creating products that don’t harm them, but also by giving to animal shelters and adoption agencies and encouraging her followers to do the same.┬áLearn more:

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