InnovaCare Milestones with Rick Shinto , The CEO

Managing a healthcare such that it offers quality care and at the same time makes enough returns can be quite difficult. It requires that you have great understanding of how the medical world works. Also, it requires that you have taken courses in business management. This will guide in achieving a balance between quality and affordability. If you are wondering how possible it is to be both a medical professional and at the same time be business-oriented, then you are yet to meet Rick Shinto. He is the man behind the success of InnovaCare.

InnovaCare is one the best managed healthcare service providers in North America. It offers both physician practice and Medicare plans. The goal of this hospital is to ensure that most of the people in North America can afford quality healthcare. The hospital, under the leadership has grown to employ over 750 healthcare providers. Subsequently, their clientele base has expanded. Today, they serve more than 200,000 patients in the region.

Great leadership has played a big role in the success of InnovaCare and Rick Shinto is the man behind that wheel. He is the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare. He has been serving in this position since the year 2012, when he joined the company.

Shinto’s experience of over 3 decades, in the health care industry has played a big part on him being a successful leader. But, his education has also played a major role. He studies at Irvine’s University of California where he obtained his undergraduate degree in Science. This is before being admitted by Stony Brook’s State University of New York, where he obtained his medical degree. Shinto further applied for an MBA at the Redlands University. Read more about Rick Shinto at

As for his career experience, Rick Shinto had worked with a number of industry leaders before joining InnovaCare. His career started as a pulmonologist in Southern California. This was when he was a fresh graduate of Med school. After gaining some experience, his career began to shine.

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Shinto worked for MedPartners for one year. He was the company’s medical management corporate Vice President. In 97, he left the company to join Cal Optima, Orange County. He worked here as the chief medical officer before being tapped by North America Medical Management, where he worked as both the COO and CMO of the company. Shinto also worked for Medical Pathways before joining Aveta Inc. in the year 2008. Learn more on XRepublic about Rick Shinto.

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