Lime Crime Dares To Redefine “Pretty”

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Doe Deere is a fire burning with passion to change the way we look at makeup, how it’s made, and the rules of how to wear it to express who we are as individuals. Starting her own makeup brand popularly known as Lime Crime to challenge the status quo of makeup with limited pigment, the high majority of which are made using animal byproducts and are also tested on animals, Doe Deere decided that enough was enough and she made it her mission to make a difference in both areas of the makeup industry.

Lime Crime is a superhero in the makeup world, comprised of larger than life pigments that are completely 100% animal cruelty free and vegan friendly for the heart in you to feel happy every time you put your face on without having to worry about where the makeup products came from and what innocent lives were hurt in the process. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime line speaks to the true core of every individual, not only inspiring positive change in the lives of other animals, but also in the lives of the individuals wearing the products to push them to stop hiding and start showing who they are on the inside.

It’s time to stop worrying about the so-called rules of makeup. Who cares if Taylor Swift’s ruby red lips are “in” ?? She’s not you. It’s time to look inside yourself, find the colors that suit your soul, and wear them with pride no matter how obscure they may seem. Doe Deere is pushing forward into a new century that brings about positive change in the lives of every creative force that drives us to go on and succeed. She’s made the products of Lime Crime so that you can make a difference in your life. Go to today to pick your colors and go for the gold with the true you plastered on your face for all the world to see.

It’s time to make a difference: for you; for the animals; for the future. Visit Lime Crime today and find the inspiration to be boldly you, going where no one else has ever dared to go before. This is your time to speak up for against the animal cruelty, with where you put your money, and speak up against the beauty rules that try to doctrine how you have to appear to be “pretty.”


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  1. People have been throwing in positive reactions on the Lime Crime product which i think is a ground breaking product following the the results it has immersed. Also, looking at the review of, professional lab report, i think that Doe Deere has really proven to be a challenging figure to her competitors as her brand is almost on top of the food chain of the fashion market. This shows that with the right plan and innovation any product is bound to strive in the global market.

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