Securus Technology Aims To Cut Crime Levels Down Inside Prison Walls

Over the span of a week, the personal for Securus Technologies receive various calls and emails asking for their help to put an end to crime levels inside prisons. The crime rate is high for certain prisons who have a high rate of inmate to inmate crimes. The level of contraband in certain prisons is also something that they are asking help with.


Inmates in prison systems are at a high risk of inmate crimes whether its from an inmate attack on another or from members who work for the prison systems. There are certain members of prison systems who do not care about the rules for the inmates and they seek to help them break the rules while incarcerated. It is these individuals who are sneaking the contraband in and who are contributing to the crime levels.


In order to cut out some of the crimes, the prison officials turn to Securus Technologies to come up with ideas and suggestions on how to cut the crime rate down inside the prison. Securus works effortlessly to build products and services which cut down the crime levels however no matter the amount they contribute to, there is still going to be some sort of crimes in prison.


One of the things that Securus has worked so hard to do is to create a device which prohibits cell phones from accessing mobile networks while in the prison. This device helps to keep down the contraband phones that inmate have snuck into the prison.


The other service that they have helped create was the ability to follow phone calls being made inside the prison. They are able to access the recordings of the calls made by the inmate which helped to close case files of crimes that they are being charged with. When an inmate discusses the case and openly admits to a crime, this recording is used to help close the case and allow for a burden of proof to be established.


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