Todd Lubar on Finding his Place in Business

Todd Lubar is working in business on the market of real estate investments. He s the President of the TDL Global Ventures LLC, which is a company he started a handful of years ago. Todd Lubar is additionally serving at Legendary Investments as their senior vice president.

The start of his career placed Todd Lubar in the financial sector where he worked at a few banking establishments for about two decades. He worked as a mortgage originator among other. Todd Lubar was good at what he was doing, but he had other ideas that he believed could take the industry of real estate further. Todd Lubar thought of a program that would allow families and individuals to have an easier time at getting a credit to buy themselves a home. After so many years of working behind the desk, Todd Lubar decided to pursue his passion for helping people, and so he established the TDL Global Ventures. The company is based on his program for helping people buy a home. You can visit LinkedIn for more.

Tobb Lubar believes that what he does helps people live the lives they want. He is a family man by nature and has expressed many times that finding a home for himself and his family has been one of the most liberating and empowering things that he has managed to achieve in his lifetime. He believes that spending time together with his loved ones has allowed him to take his career forward. Tobb Lubar starts his day by spending his morning with his children, and after that, he catches up with any news regarding his line of work. He attributes a lot of the success of his TDL Global Ventures to being familiar with the developments in the industry and having like-minded people to work with every day. Check out Yelp to see more.

In terms of education, Todd Lubar achieved his degree in communications from the Syracuse Univesity. After he graduated he moves in to finance, and after having worked with a mortgage for several years, Todd Lubar found his place in business. He has contributed to his line of work by educating others in the industry as well.

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