Why Fabletics and Other Established Brands Capitalize on the Power of the Crowd

Today, the power of the crowd is one of the primary determinants of the volume of purchases made by consumers. Most clients rely on crowd-sourced reviews to decide on the final purchases. They treat the reviews they come across on online platforms as reliable as personal recommendation they get from people they know. Top brands, such as Fabletics, are taking advantage of this shift in client behavior by developing and implementing review-centered marketing strategies.


Since Fabletics began its operations in 2013, the brand has expanded by over 200 percent to generate revenue of over $235 million. The firm also boasts over one million subscribed members. According to TechStyle Fashion Group’s chief marketing officer, Shawn Gold, Fabletics has registered substantial success due to its ability to embrace crowd or user reviews. Client reviews can have a direct impact on customer acquisition, client retention for fashion startups across all sectors, and improved loyalty.


Consumers truly trust reviews


With many consumers embracing the digital way of life, they depend on online reviews before making any decision. Clients mostly research businesses and go through online reviews before deciding to purchase anything. The BrightLocal study revealed that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews nearly the same way they trust personal recommendation they obtain from people they know. The study also discovered that this statistic has been on an upward trend every year the study has been carried out. CEO Peter Holten of Trustpilot says that trust that consumers accord to traditional advertising and marketing has been diminishing over the years.


Becoming a Fabletics member


Fabletics allows its clients to register as members free of charge. After registering, the members provide information about their lifestyle and workout preferences. The firm’s designers use the preferences to select personalized outfits for each member.


Kate Hudson: the growth trajectory of Fabletics

Kate Hudson is a fashion guru of high reputation. She is one of the innovative fashion entrepreneurs behind the successful athleisure brand called Fabletics. Since its unveiling in 2013, Fabletics has remained to a groundbreaking athleisure brand, created to be sweeping and empowering. Within less than four years, Kate has led her team into transforming a small fashion startup into a $250 million business. These impeccable achievements demonstrate Kate’s commitment to revolutionizing the fashion sector.


In 2013, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the entrepreneurs behind the creation of TechStyle Fashion Group, came up with an idea of launching an athleisure brand. The two executives had realized that the market was full of black and gray expensive sportswear for women. Therefore, they wanted to introduce a fashionable, cost-effective, and quality athleisure brand. They chose Kate as their partner due to her approachable nature and active lifestyle. They involved her on all aspects of launching the brand and overseeing its operations. Kate Hudson proved to be effective on matters such as reviewing budgets and coming up with an actionable social media strategy. Today, she actively participates in the design process and continues to lead her team to innovate new styles.

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